5th gear problem (not the usual issue)

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    First time poster and new to this site.

    I have a 2007 ultra with 19,000 miles on it. Engine is a 103 and I run Syn3 in the engine, primary and transmission. I have done all the recommended services at the right intervals.

    The bike has run perfectly for nearly 19,000 miles and the tranny has been really good and quiet in general. Just short of rolling 19K I noticed a loud noise coming in 5th gear.

    The noise is not constant. When riding (cold or hot) and first shifting into 5th gear, the trans is quiet. After about 5-8 miles of driving in 5th, the tranny starts to make a really loud howling/screaming noise and a fair amount of high frequency vibration starts to develop. Shifting out of 5th resolves the problem. If I wait a few minutes and shift back into 5th, the tranny is quiet again, for a few miles and then the noise comes back.

    I think this might be an indication of a bearing going out. I have a good 1 1/2 months of riding yet that I could do, but am debating if I should keep riding and wait until winter to take it in, or call it done and get the bike in now.

    I don't think this is the usual 5th gear noise issue. I suppose that would have popped up sooner and that noise would be more constant.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe a fluid change to something other than Syn3. Seems that most people are recommending on not using Syn3 anyways. I have not drained the tranny yet to look for any metal flakes but I suppose I could do it and take a look.

    Thanks for any thoughts you guys may have.

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    I've heard of six speed trans. that have had bearing or bushing problems, wallowed the case out. I think one of our moderators had it happen. Try a search or look in self help. Someone with first hand experience will answer soon.
    You might try some synthetic gear oil instead of the thin HD engine oil, but I think the damage is done. I hope I'm dead wrong.
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    Get that syn3 out of your tranny and run something like the Spectro 6 speed fluid. When you change it, take a good look at the old fluid for ANY stuff that isn't supposed to be in there. If you find something, save it for future reference or analysis.

    You have an '07 so the original factory warranty has expired but you didn't mention if you had an extended warranty or not. If you do, I'd get it into a dealer ASAP!

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    You got Some of the "BEST" Member POSTS above... Lucky YOU as the cream of the crop gave you SOLID advice and answers...

    I also would Get that Junk out of the tranny.... Even Harley is backing-off From Using Syn 3 in all three holes... What a Mistake that was and is...

    Just because I use it and have had good no the is GOOD results,, Redline : ""Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil""

    It is Heavy and will QUIET down even a going bad tranny...... Using Redline, May give you a little More Time Before You Have to tear into it.

    I had a fellow with 5th gear noise that put in redline shockproof heavy and THAT did the trick NO more problems and It IS still quiet and running great Today...

    Drain it out and look to see how much Metal is on the magnetic plug and report back..

    Hope you try the Better GEAR OIL,,,, And that May be ALL that is needed..

    Great first post and nicely done...... Welcome!
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    Very sound advice here:D
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    Get that SYN3 stuff out of your bike completely. Use:

    FULL synthetic engine oil in the engine: 20W50 VTwin engine oil
    FULL synthetic transmission gear lube in the tranny: 75W140 GL-5 gear lube
    Fit-for-purpose wet clutch/chaincase oil in primary: like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary

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    Changing transmission fluid is not going to solve this problem. It needs to be looked at inside.
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    I'm going to have to agree with Dan87. I've lived this dream. My 6 speed started making noise after the 30k service and I had some Royal Purple on the shelf. It did quiet the noise down, but only temporarily. Get it in to the dealer. If they are a reputable dealer and this is a warranty fix, they might give you a loaner. Latus harley davidson did for me. My 07' FLHTC was done in three weeks. Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm going to have the bike torn apart and looked at. Right now its sitting in the garage.

    I'm going to stop running the Syn3. Nearly everyone you talk to (excluding the dealers of course) say that oil is (EDIT) and not worth a (EDIT) .

    It's not covered by an extended warranty so its on my tab. Too bad because of course I wanted to drop another grand on my bike for no good reason *in a sarcastic tone*.

    Please read this...
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