50,000 mile service

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tlyoungb, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. tlyoungb

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    Well I just had my 50,000 mile service done at Space Coast Harley. Man they sure did a bang up job. I am very happy with the service. I also had them check the cam chains. I got a call and was told the did not need changing. As a matter of fact they had way more than half the pad left on both the inner and outer. The tech said one reason was that both chains were polished. So that was one reason for the very little wear.

    He told me I had another 50,000 thousand miles to put on them. Got the brakes done, steering head bearings replace, front forks pulled apart and news stuff put in side, and my rear brake rotor replaced. Feels like a new bike.

    I hight recommend Space Coast Harley if you guys are ever down this way. Great bunch of Techs, and will go that one step further to make sure you are happy. Plus got my bike washed. Man What service.
  2. Animal

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    What did all that cost you?
  3. tlyoungb

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    Well if I did not need the rear rotors and such it would have been something like 900 maybe less. I would have to break it down. But I also have them check alot of other stuff.
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    $900 for a service not including rear rotors?
  5. TQuentin1

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    Glad to see you had a good experience with your 50k service! Nice to see those stories.

    I am a bit confused however with the report on your cam chain tensioners. As I recall, the HD spec on the tensioners is that they should be replaced when the shoes are 50% worn or more?! I would not push the shoes an additional 50k miles. In fact I would check them at least annually. When they go, there are chunks of plastic that get chewed up in the chain and sprockets producing little bits that get carried around the oil system. This can be a disaster! Pays to keep an eye on them.

  6. kemo

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    I have to agree with TQ on the tensioners and if I ever had to give a dealer $900 for a service I think there would be war at home. Get your self a manuel and do some of the stuff yourself and get involved with your bike. Harleys are not rocket science, but they do have a heart and soul. I maintian my bike on a daily basis and my 50000 will not involve more than fluid changes. Get that book.
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    One of the most important accessories you can buy for your bike is the service manuals. They pay for themselves many times over.