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    O.K. I'm back again with a few more questions.
    First, I'm going to do an oil change before the riding season heats up. This is no problem since I've been down this road before. My questions are these, I just changed the oil in the late summer/early fall with about 4,000 miles on the odometer. I have had it parked in a heated basement all winter on a charger. The oil change only has approximately 400/600 miles before parking. Is it stll a good idea to change anyway????? I have an '07 Sportster 1200 XLC. Have only used S.E. Synthetic since new. Second, I'm going to drain and refill the primary for the 5,000 mile service. Some say wait until 10,000 and the manual says 5,000. I figured while I was doing the oil, I could do this also. As I 've stated before, I don't have alot of faith in the dealership, and I know I have enough mechanical know-how to do these services. Is doing the primary at 5,000 needed, or can I wait until I have accumulated more miles???

    Any suggestions would be great!!!:newsmile020:
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    07 XL service manual calls for 10,000 on the trans which is the primary on a XL, it does call for a clutch adjustment & primary chain adjustment at 5,000, but it is smart to change the engine & trans annually. I would take it out and put a quick 400 or 500 mile on it and do the change while it's hot. The trans & primary should be alright till the 10,000 M/S, up to you.

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    On my Sporty I change the oil every 3,000 miles/6months, every other change the tranny/clutch/primary with Spectrol 85W Primary gear oil, only because it is my daily driver, and used for short 5-10 mile loops commuting, lunch and occasional weekend trips.

    From a previous Glider post just to make things easier:

    Myrtle Beach FL, RECOMMENDED VEHICLE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE, click on one of the following HD models below.

    found here http://www.myrtlebeachharley.com/service.asp

    Also the HD home page under wrenching will give you a print out of the services when you enter the mileage and VIN.

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    Wow, what a Perfect Man-Cave that is drive in no less. The wheels are turning in my head.......:p
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    Personally, I would not drain the oil that only has 400/600 miles on it. Since your bike was in a heated basement all winter, it's doubtful than you accumulated any moisture in the oil from condensation. If you did, that would burn off with the first long ride.

    I ride a Road King. I change my engine oil and filter every 2500 miles. I usually do an oil change just before parking the bike for the winter but if the oil only has 500 or so miles on it, I just leave it in and don't change it until 2500 miles.
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    Much easier to just show the post or the section instead of bookmarking a thread.:D

    The poster may even find other useful info while looking there too.

    Maintenance Schedules For Servicing - Harley Davidson Community
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    NIce, thanks for posting up the service schedule, makes a nice checklist. SOunds like they recomend changing the primary every 5k? Might as well, cheap and easy to do...
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    When removing your primary cover your quad ring gasket will probably fall to the floor or become dislodged. I couldn't seem to get mine to stay in place when trying to put things back together. I ended up getting a tube of Permatex gasket sealant/dressing and putting a small dab every 3/4 in or so and letting it sit for a few minutes to get tacky before re-installing. You don't need alot, just enough to hold things in place.
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    Ya, that quad ring is a little tricky. I usually just use a little grease to hold it in place. The permatex may work better though, I may try that next time.
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    You can try a little silicone paste better known as di electric grease for holding those rubber o rings in place, sticky yes, and actually better for the rubber than permatex