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    High ALL,

    I'm retired and have been cleaning out my toybox,I mean garage. I've come across stuff I didn't even remember I had. The likes of which is a project I was going to do (I don't have the time or money anymore),a '46 servi. I've collected bits and pieces,just not enough.Therefore, I'm selling my frame, 3spd trany w/reverse (rare), and '46 flathead engine (basically the lower part of the engine w/o cylinders. Sorry,I never got a title. I have pictures if I can figure out how to post them. Also I did manage to find the servicar box frame w/leafs and coils and mounting bar.

    I'm not sure what all this is worth but every REASONABLE offer will be addressed.

    I've got other stuff as well which I can post later.

    Thanks all...