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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 02EGlide, May 24, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    Changed the oil today, went to Mobile 1 Vtwin as suggested. Now heres the trouble and I know its been discussed before but I want to be sure. I added three and a half qts. and went for a ride, hot, it was on the lower end of the dipstick while on the side stand as the service manual states. I added a total of 4 qts and went for a ride, when checking once more (hot) it was mid way on the dipstick. I'm afraid of adding too much oil, how much is too much oil? SHould I continue adding until the level is at the full mark on the dipstick? Oh yeah, it's an 02 electra glide. :shock
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    My 2000 E/G is the same. I just do the 4qt refill and don't have any issues with that. Also in the primary I add an extra cup or so to fill it to the bottom of the clutch.
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    Never go over the 4 quarts if that.
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    Midway on the dipstick should be perfect - you're not flirting with either extreme.
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    According to the manual, a wet fill is 1/2 quart less than capacity. The only time you add the full capacity amount is for a dry fill, which is when the engine has been diassembled, cleaned and dried.
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    Thanks all, I marked the dipstick where it was at 4 qts. cold. I think in the past I was adding too much causing smoking on heavy downhills...so it was more than likely pushing it out the breather. You would think the dipsticks would be just a little more accurate.
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    My 09 Road King did the same exact thing. I added about 3 3/4 quarts after the oil change. I have the digital dip stick and after a several hundred mile ride, it showed one digital mark low. I added a dribble and the dipstick indicated full. After the next ride, same thing. I added the rest of the quart. Now it is staying at the full mark with exactly 4 quarts. I usually over think these things but my dad said it is better to be just a hair short than to overfill...

    dads, gotta love 'em!