3 phase 50 amp or single 45?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by SEroadking, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I bought my '02FLHRSEI in 2002, it was manufactured with a 45 amp charging system. It has 62K. After being stranded from a dead battery I discovered quickly no charge in my system. I found continuity across the stator leads at once and opened the primary and got that smell, so I knew the stator was baked. With some luck and history with big twins, I caught this failure very quickly. My AGM battery fully recharged and with the use of some very expensive snap-on testing equipment it test with 100% of it's life and all of it's original CCA. I have only added a rear fender tip light and an air horn to the bike and this CVO bike was not supplied with passing lamps, so it would have the least draw of all the EFI touring models.

    I did research and with the help of the history on this fine forum it became evident that the '02 &'03 stators were not as reliable as later models. I decided to replace the stator and rectifier/regulator (although it passed all tests) with Cycle Electric goods. I ordered the parts and then the puller from Jim's. I did a bit of further research on the 3 phase gear offered by CE as I waited for the puller to arrive. I do not have any current plans to add any draw to the electrical system, maybe a trailer some day but that should be only 5-8 amps of draw while on the brake. I feel it will still be charging at idle.

    So the question is this; Will I really gain much to convert now to the 50 amp 3 phase goods from CE? As compared to my current 45 Amp system with the new CE stator and rectifier/regulator (both are NIB and have not been installed). My OEM rotor is perfect, with no runout, concentricity, roundness or physical issues.

    I get that the upgrade includes a upgrade in compensator. But, I do not thrash my 107TQ/101HP sleeper around and never hammer it from the line.

    I have already spent the money for the stator and regulator and it appears to be shy of $200 to get the 3 phase upgrade from CE, with the return these parts.
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    Thanks for providing such a detailed question.

    Our resident electrical expert, Hoople, should be along to give you outstanding advice very shortly.
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    I have an 05RG with the 45amp system. I have not added any additional lighting or electrical although I do run a heated vest at times during the winter. The 45amp system has not been a problem and JMO I would think that if you are not planning on some serious electrical gear it should give you many years of service. As stated above I'm sure Hoople or one of our other members can give you some tech. advice about both systems.
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    quick ? ---- how old is the battery ?
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    It's almost an extra $200 to go from a new single phase setup to 3 phase? If you don't need more current output at low RPM, single phase will probably be fine for your needs. I would just make sure the rotor magnets haven't lost too much strength over the last 10 years. Weak magnets would really hurt output.
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    The battery is 34 months old. I have always kept the bike plugged in to a smartcharger/ AGM maintainer when I knew the bike would sit for more than 2 weeks and 100% of the time below 45 degrees.
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    My gut tells me that his rotor is in great condition and is very strong compared to my shovel head history. No one magnet seems to be weaker than any other, and the rotor is not damaged in any way. There are no evideence of bonding falure, and it has no discoloration from heat.

    Only two of the stator windings showed signs of overheating and were not completly scorched. I caught the low battery voltage condition and trouble codes very quickly.