3 bikes went down hard

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    On Saturday September 4th I was traveling southbound on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in NY in my minivan ( sorry). In the Northbound lane right by the bookstore if you know the PIP or exit 18ish 2 Harleys and either and Indian or a Triumph went down, there were 3 riders and a female passanger. I dont know what happened all I know is I was the 2nd person on the scene, and first to render help, my wife and kids were in the van (not good for them to see) and I needed to render 1st aide. I grabbed a sheet tore it into strips to apply pressure to the bleeders, turned off the gas lines and told my wife to call 911, Cars continued to try to get around all the bodies that were laying in the road. 1 guy was named Steve, All he wanted to and tried to do was get up, he kept saying his bike was fine and he wanted top ride home...( there was no way he or his bike was in any condition to move) and the other was a retired detective from the NYPD. The good news is all survived, there was a lot of head trauma, road rash and visable broken bones...when the ambulances arrived I knew my task was complete.

    Bless them. Be aware and please friends RIDE SAFE.
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    Good for you to stop and help. Hope they all recover fully.
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    I hope that anyone that has an accident has someone like you on the scene. Good clear thinking and the ability to act under pressure.
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    I am sure your good deed will be rewarded.

    Good Job
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    Thank you for doing the right thing by interrupting your schedule to offer aid and assistance to those in need. I think seeing what kind of person Dad is will have more of a positive impact on your children than negative.:grose
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    Thank God for people like u who still do the right thing to many people these days would rather act like they didnt see it happen and go on about there day.
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    I agree exposing our kids to the dangers of life and how to deal with a crisis makes them grow up into responsible adults, well said Breeze
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    I agree 100%!

    And great of you to stop, so many people are just worried that they will be delayed. Nice job. :cheers
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    You have shown your kids the importance of helping others. A great life lesson to be learned. We need more people to care for others and not be so self centered. Thank you for your post reminding us the importance to care for others and to get involved.
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    Thanks for stopping and helping them out. I agree with Breeze2at.