25K problems?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by rtrev64, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I have a buddy telling me that I need to become aware of problems that will arrise once I get to 25K on my bike. Cam Chain tensions because they are plasitc. So I dont know to much bout bikes, is this true?

    I ride a 2005 Dyna Superglide Custom. 24,200 K.

    I also hear it is not cheap to fix..
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    It's true, they should be checked starting at about 25K for condition. Check the self help forum for more info on them.

    There's a roller chain upgrade in that area too and the 06 dynas and the 07 lineup use the newer system that will probably stand up better.
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    Thank you. went to look for it but don't know if I am looking at the right place.. can you give me a direct link to it?
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    Good advice from your bud. Don't wait for them to fail; change them or go with the upgrade "hybrid" kit which includes high volume pump, billet cam plate, front roller chain and hydraulic tensioners with new shoes.

    When I checkd one of mine at 25K, the inner was gone; metal to metal had just started and the outer was worn evenly to about 25% of original thickness. I converted to gear drives but if the hybrid conversion had been available then, I would have gone that route.
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    +1 Good advice.
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    If i'm not mistaken the tensioners problems were corrected in 03 models(they changed to a different material on the shoes),the 05's should be good to go.With that said as stated above I'd checkem just to be sure @ every 25k.It only takes a gasket(costs$8-$10) to look in side to see um.If there is a problem I would take a good look @ gear driven as mentioned above so you wont have to go back inside ever.This motor is bullet proof except for the cam tensioners.Let us know what you decide to do,Dave...
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    03 wideglide....I had my first cam tensioner problems at 40,000 miles. I did a hard 800 mile ride at 85 MPG. Hot summertime. I got home and changed the oil. I noticed orange plastic looking pieces in the oil and the engine had an extra loud "tick, tick tick" than the normal Harley T88 tick. My cam tensioners had bit the big one. The Mechanic said there was nothing left of the outer tensioner. We replaced both inside and outside Tensioner. Bearings were still great and tight as was the chain. We clipped the push rods and replaced with Screaming eagle adjustable rods to keep from pulling the heads.