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    My bike is up for a 25000 mile service I got quoted a price of 265.00(Harley Dealer) is this to expensive or is this what the going rate is. The fluids will all be changed and everything that goes along with the service. How will i be sure if all the little things will be done like belt adjustment,lube cable,inspect plugs etc............... I work in a dealership and know (not me) how things get done when people are in a rush. Lets face it my life depends on them little things that people dont want to take the time to check. :small3d026:
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    It really is an act of faith, regarding dealer service. Generally you should go to someone you trust via a friend(s) referral. Again, I like to deal local, so if you find the right service, they are nearby and usually very cooperative and pleased that you go to them first.

    However, do insist on getting a written formal estimate of the work required and the basic material costs and make sure they agree to contact you if any unexpected expenses or additional charges turn up...to get your approval to proceed. It is the Law (usuallly State regulated). Insist on getting the old parts back, even if it is a core return, they are required to show you the item(s) replaced as well as listed in the itemized repair work order. There should be an appropriate start time, itemized log of work done and completion time, as well as the responsible tech' signature...AS A MINIMUM.

    Many service centers do extras at no charge, like wash the vehicle and log things that may need some service in the near future...i.e. brake linings % left, and have you fill out reminder cards for the next service etc. If you like to log your service in your owners manual, make sure they check it off, initial and date it and you should be good to go. Also, make sure THEY road tested it before YOU ride off...people make mistakes like leaving the oil drain plug untorqued etc. or you may have picked up a nail and not pick up on it during the pre-ride inspection from the service center.

    AND DO NOT GO on a extended trip immediately AFTER ANY MAJOR SERVICE without medium trips to ensure everything is keen..."Keep the Rubber Side Down and Be Safe." :D
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    Most importantly, always recheck the fluid levels after a dealer service. They have been known to short or overfill some areas.