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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Tarponsighting, Oct 10, 2010.

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    I would like to install a 21" on my 08 Street Glide and had a few questions. Will I need to do any modification to the stock front fender to make the tire/rim fit; also can I use the stock disc's that are currently on the bike or do I also need to change them out?
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    Speaking from my experience. I bought my 08 SG already set up with a 21" front wheel and stock fender. I had experienced a strange sound coming from the front end from time to time, and could not figure it out. I told a local mechanic about the sound and he told me the tire was rubbing on the fender, and the fix was to drill the rear mount holes one size bigger to allow a slight forward tilt of the fender, not even enough to notice the fender had been moved, but enough to get the fender away from the tire. Some members on here expressed that I would believe anything and I was an idiot. But the facts are I have not heard that sound since. With that said, it might make a difference on tire brand. I have a Metzler Marathon. Just thought I would let you know. About the brake rotors, I would get them to match my wheel. Just my preference..

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