205 Fatboy Fluid Capacities?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Fatboy John, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Hey Guys/Gals,

    Someone help me out here please, 05' Fatboy Anniversay Edition. Havent grabbed the service manual yet and doing the service on the scoot. I did screw up and forget to adjust the clutch pack when I changed the primary fluid and adjusted the chain. I did change all the fluids and need to know I got the fluid capacity correct. Am I on the right track? Thnx

    Oil > 3 qts
    Gear oil > 1 quart
    Primary oil > 1 qt
    Clutch cable > 1/8-1/4 play
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  3. 90FXRS

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    manual on my '01 Fatty says this:

    no more than 3.5 qt in the oil tank with filter change
    approximately 26 .oz in primary
    20-24 .oz in the tranny.

    I'll always put some in the filter so it's not dry when I fire it up. Then 3 in the tank.....check again when it's hot and top it off.
    Primary....I dump in the whole quart and never had a problem.
    Tranny.....I'll start with 20 .oz, check it then top it off.
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    That's what I do too.:pelao
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    Article I'm reading says 3 qts oil with 1/4 qt in the filter, 1 qt gear oil, and 1 qt primary.
    Seems to be the right choice with everything looking good. Appreciate the input.
    I believe I'll grab the service manual very soon > laffs
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    R.Bingham was right on per the 05 HD manual, the Article you are reading must be for a 07 or later w/six speed trans. The dip sticks will tell on the engine & tranny for sure, I always put 2.5 qts of engine oil in, then take it for a ride and warm it up to operating temp, then top it of using the dip stick keeping it just a touch below full, twin cams don't like to be over filled. The 5 speed tranny should take aprox 22 oz to bring it to the full mark with bike standing upright and temp does not make a difference there, can be done cold. The 05book does call for 26 oz in the primary, to get the correct level, have the bike standing upright and fill to the bottom of the clutch basket.
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    Yeppers, y'all hit it dead on. It is 3 qts oil, only 22 0z gear oil, and 1 qt primary. Two outta three aint that bad > laffs

    Apprciate y'alls input. HD local didnt have my manual but were kind enuff to share torque specs and fluid capacity. Gotta luv em.