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    Harley released their 2014 line up. Some changes include a new fairing, blue tooth capable, IPhone etc capable with a built in usb plug! Better ABS, a stiffer front end, New saddle bag and tour pal design ( a bit more round), and a new rider back rest. Check out their web site.....the bikes look nice! and finally a new radio system!
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    Not impressed with the 2014 line as I haven't been impressed with most of what the MoCo has offered since '06. The MoCo has not addressed performance or figured out how to build around the EPA guidelines and offer us a better, cooling running motor. Who buys a motorcycle because the backrest and radio have been improved! Come on guys; stop drinking the cool aid, stop buying until the MoCo offers a better product.
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    their touring motors (CVO, Limited) also have liquid cooling.
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    Well, I certainly haven't ridden one yet but the new Rushmore engine is supposed to do just what you asked for - more power and less heat.
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    I see that the MoCo say's a limited number of motors are "Twin Cooled", but they don't say how they accomplished this. Nothing on the web site about liquid cooled heads/motor etc.
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    I stand corrected, looks like the heads are water cooled with the radiator hidden in the lowers.....
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    I did that with my 11 RG. 255's = more power, EJK = less heat. Seems the MOCO is behind the times...:newsmile100::newsmile100:
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    How about the increased compression and bigger cams for low end tQ. Also claim to be the fastest 5th gear roll on from 60-80 in HD history for a stock bike. That's a little more than just a radio, not to mention the new fairing and easier access to everything that opens.
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    They have improved incrementally. I bet that Harley is going to start making 21st century motorcycles over the next few years and introduce them in stages. It seems that every 5 years is a mile stone with HD. As to the radio and lights and back rests, Harley's of late have all been about the bling.
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    Do I need to say it?? I posted this, must be 6 months ago.
    You know what they say about Blind squirrels and acorns, right?

    :pRe: Liquid cooled RG in '15


    The July 2012 issue of Cycle World has an article written by their resident engineer/technical columnist, Kevin Cameron that may be of interest. According to him, Harley Davidson applied for a patent for their big twin heads, with water cooling that is limited to the exhaust valve area. The XR1200R already does (did) this but with oil. Why not use oil? Because oil can "coke" and become solid when, at engine shutdown, heat soak back from the exhaust valve/seat can bake the oil into a solid that eventually blocks flow. Water cools better than oil and cannot coke.(The above is quoted but I edited to shorten the post).

    I am betting we'll shortly be seeing this, combined with an electric water pump and an unobtrusive radiator.