2014 Trike Electrical Connector Unused

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    there is a cable located on the left side frame neck in front of the tank that is attached to a bracket,with a gray plastic plug,the wires are black/white and white/black

    anyone know what is connector is for ? trying to find a way to get a 12v source for a cigarette lighter w/o pulling the tank to run a wire back to battery
  2. jimharvey1

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    Do yourself a favor and pull the tank to run some heavier guage wire to the battery with an inline fuse. If you are going to install an actual electric cigarette lighter, you need the bigger guage wire anyway.

    The location you indicated was where the air temp sensor for that dumb air temperature gauge was on the older Ultras. (I know because I removed them in each of the Ultras I owned and replaced them with an oil temp gauge.) I'm not sure on the new bikes what that plug is for.