2014 Limited Cam

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  1. sommers201

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    Has anyone changed out the cam in their 2014 Limited TC engine,
    if so what cam was used and what was the dyno results, I'm trying
    to figure out what to use, I will use a Stage I air cleaner and change out the
    mufflers but don't want to do any other motor work.
  2. 67wizard

    67wizard Junior Member

    I can't see changing the cams. Mine runs just fine stage one ac, reinhart slipons V&H FP3. Of course Im an old guy.
  3. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    If the interest to do motor work is nil, then leave well enough alone. Have you priced a upgraded cam replacement?
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    What results are you looking for? If your only doing minor mods like exhaust and Stage 1 air cleaner you may want to consider adding more fuel as you'll be leaning it out with those changes.

    Take a look in the self help section and see what others are using as a fuel management system.
  5. Jack Klarich

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  6. Tn.Heritage

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    The answer is yes, look in the dyno section and you will see mine posted but I'll post it here also. I had Andrews 57 cams installed, GMR lifters, SE tapered push rods, Fuel-Moto 2-1-2 Jackpot Ceramic coated head pipe with RC Components 4" mufflers and had a agitator SE breather on at the time but swapped it out for the Cobra breather due to the throttle body noise I was getting with the SE open breather. Anyway the bike runs awesome tuned with a Power Vision tuner, I bought the license from my tuners for a fraction of the cost to buy the tuner outright. Here is my sheet and like I said it runs awesome !!