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    Greetings! First post on here since picking up my Softail Slim a couple of weeks ago. Lots of good info on this forum but I haven't been able to find a direct answer to the following question so I am hoping someone can square me away on this. I want to add a set of V&H Straightshot slip-ons to my Slim in order to help her sound better. My dealer has told me that if I do that, I also have to add an intake kit and have them tune the bike. The place I'm buying the slip-ons from says because the bike is fuel injected, I don't have to add the intake or do the tune. Eventually I will probably want to do the intake/tune but for now I just want to improve the exhaust sound. Can I add just the slip-ons without causing problems or damage to anything else on this bike? I want to make sure if I only add the slip ons that I don't have any mechanical problems like a burnt piston from the bike running too lean or that I don't cause any decrease in performance. Thanks!
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    All the bikes come from the factory tuned too lean and could benifit from haveing them correctly tuned, even with out changeing anything else. That being said, you should be ok just adding the slip-ons, the factory tune should be able to handle that even though it is right on the ragged edge. There is however another option that would be less expensive than a new set of slip-ons. There is a company called Big City Thunder that makes awesome tuned baffles. If it is just getting a better exhaust note from your bike right now this might be the answer for you. I would definately check them out. A few years ago while I was working for a local indie shop I must have installed 15-20 sets of these baffles in 1 season, great product. They were however "LOUD". I dont know how it is possible but it sure seemed as if the bikes were louder than if they just had straight pipes on them. Since that time they have introduced the QQ series baffles. That stands for Quiet Quality or Quality Quiet not sure which. Unfortunately I have no personal experience with the QQ series to share with you. But if they are anything like what the originals were I would believe whatever they tell you about them, they make a quality product and all my dealings with there company was honest, helpful and professional.

    I am sure you will find people of the opinion that if you make any changes at all you will need to have the motor re-tuned. Certainly if you also changed to a more free flowing air cleaner you WILL most definately need to re-tune.
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    Having about 8 months ago added V&H Short shots and V&H intake to my 2010 48, i can tell you that you will want to have the programming done. Since I did the work myself, starting and riding the bike a short distance, less than a mile, it ran poor, though sounded great. Once I had them use the factory download for their "legal" high performance modification the bike ran superb.

    I read about a bunch of guys putting power commanders and stuff in their bikes, but I didn't want any warranty issues, so I simply went with the HD Dealer download. They won't install the pipes for you though here in CA due to them not having baffles.

    A HUGE difference from stock. The bike is much more responsive at all ranges and picked up about 15 additional HP.
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    Rule of thumb for FI bikes..."pipes only" = a/c & tuner are "optional."

    It will run a little leaner, but ECM can control. Make sure you get new pipe clamps & seal the pipe/header joint w/HT silicone (liquid copper). Can get the HT silicone at any auto store...good luck!
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    Great info... Thanks for the help everyone!