2011 ultra MELT DOWN

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    I have a 2011 Ultra Limited Calif. bike with 103 motor with 10K on it. The bike is stock except for S.E. slip on mufflers. Bike runs OK at sea level, HOT but OK. When I get above 2000 feet it starts to ping and gets worse the higher I go. Sonora pass about 9,600 feet. It does not matter what gear or at what RPM. 1st to 6th and 2000 rpm’s to 4800 rpm’s. Part throttle to full throttle it pings and pings allot. No I’m not lunging it. I had it in 3rd and 4800 rpm’s still pinging. The more load the worse the ping. Took to dealer they checked it out on the computer and rode it. I got the old everything is normal and within specs. I thought the bike had a knock sensor to stop this? Should I drive it till it MELTS DOWN and let Harley put in new motor? HELP!!!
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    You're running very lean and need more fuel providing there is no intake leaks.

    I would add a TFI that will make a dramatic difference in the running of the bike.

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    Many on the forum have had good results with the unit. The Cali bikes are more lean than other other states. The TFI can be removed without a trace for emissions testing too.
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    My '011 road king is the same way. Lends truth to saying "They all do that".
    On the brighter side a TFI with stock mufflers and a stock air filter and filter housing helped mine a lot. TFI tunng instructions: "Turn the green pot clockwise until the pinging stops." flhrrider
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    Last year on our Ca. trip both mine and my buds did the same thing. We were over 10,500 feet sometimes but nothing seemed to happen. Didn't lug it like you said.
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    I have the same bike and added the gen 3 and se a/c, and the bike runs a hole bunch smoother and so easy to change settings on the gen 3