2011 road glide ultra 103

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    Hi my name is Greg, i live in so calif. I am retired and just bought my first harley. I had a question yesterday about leaking oil from the air filter area and someone gave me a hard time about posting a tec question there. Sorry. Just didnt know the rules. About half of the people i ask say it's normal to weep oil there (including 3 different dealers). and about half say thats wrong and i should make harley fix it.
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    Hey Greg, welcome. I'm new to this forum also but have been riding dirt and street bikes for the last 47 yrs. I am also originally from so. cal (Glendora in my youth and Hemet till the mid 90's). I started riding harley's in 1983 when i bought a used 1976 sporty. Great bike for back road riding. Anyway about the oil in the air cleaner, this is typical in harley's since the late 80's evo's (i believe) became head breathers. Meaning that the crankcase is vented from the crankcase through the pushrod tubes and in to the rocker boxes then into the air cleaner. When you go for prolonged high speed (70 + mph rides) the oily mist from the crankcase ends up in the airbox. There is nothing wrong with your bike other than the mess that can get on you and your bike.
    I hope this very basic explination is helpful. Donnie Peterson of Heavy Duty Cycles out of Toronto Canada has explained this at length at his web site as well as in his column in AIM.
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    :cheers Hey Greg - Welcome to the forum,glad to have ya here!!
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    :wce Nice new scoot you got there!!! Check out the self help tips!
    Ride Safe!!!
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    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET" Be sure to check out the Self Help Section for great tips and advice. Enjoy your stay!!!

    Your post was moved to proper area which as you can see it has recieved alot of replies. The member was not giving you a hard time he just wanted to let you know about proper posting to help you out.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada.
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    Welcome to The Forum, Do not accept THEY all do that. Find out why I bet your oil is over full, Good Luck and let us know:ws:rider
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