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    I have a 2011 heritage classic and put it down this weekend. Got a bad wobble in the back end, started slowing down and luckily got her down to about 25 mph before the rear tire slid from under us. A dealer picked it up and at the time I presumed I blew a tire. Upon inspection I had 4 broken spokes, and all of them in the rear rim were loose. This is the second time my spokes have loosened up in the rear rim. The manager of the service dept told me this is only the second time he's ever heard of this, the other being a new heritage around the same year as mine. Upon checking out some of these forums and seeing so many other people with the same problems, I think I'll be contacting my lawyer. Be careful out there!!
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    Glad your ok, I haven't heard of this being a problem with spoked wheels.
    I'll have to do more research seeing I have spoked wheels too.
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    This is why it is imperative and you will have to prove that it was not done, that at service intervals spokes are to be checked for tightness and wheels in true. Glad that you are ok and bike can be repaired but it still stinks none the same. This a issue with spoke wheels and you are correct that there are others who have had similar complaints like this..... While working at a Harley dealer in 08 I saw 2 instances of loose spokes 1 bike rear collapsed other had a bad wobble.

    Look here for many threads about spoke wheels:
    Also look here for maintenance interval:
    https://www.harley-davidson.com/app-content/owners/ms/print/2011/en/SOFTAIL.html?bikeName=2011 SOFTAIL® Heritage Softail® Classic
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    A few years ago, a friend was returning from Sturgis, when he started to have a bad wobble, stopped in to a dealer for inspection and they found the spokes so loose it ruined to rim. He had always went to the local dealer for all service, but when he contacted them they said there was nothing on any invoice about adjusting spokes, there for leaving it in his hands to cover the cost because he never asked for the spokes to be adjusted.
    Hope you have proof of service for adjusting them at proper mileage.