2010 Ultra Classic hopefully

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by catapultdude, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. catapultdude

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    Well tomorrow, ive decided to trade in on my 05 RK Classic. Hopefully I want get screwed too bad. Im hoping to get $8000,00 trade in for mine,An looking at a 2010 Blue Ultra Classic but am guessing they will low ball me at around $7000,00 If they want budge, then i will shoot for them taking some off MSRP and knock off the set up and freight charge The economy hasnt been as bad here in the houston area,so im thinking they want bargain much. My RK has 85,000 miles on it and that is really going to kill me on any deal that i make. Ive tried to sell it out right but no takers. had it listed for $8000.00 Milege is scaring them off. I just had the cam Tensioners changed out with the hydraulic set up and added the SE211 cams. Anyway, wish me luck
  2. walleye

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    I would not take 8K for a RK classic. It is worth more than that, especially on a trade. IMO.
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    It's the high miles, hard to turn it over quick a the stealership, financing is hard to get, so it's kinda rough, but you should get a more. I got 8K for my 98 RKC with 63K on it on an 09 SG, no freight, set up, etc. Good luck!