2010 Radio AUX in line volume problem

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  1. hdvandodge

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    I have a 2010 Ultra Limited purchased in September of 2009.
    I have upgraded the front speakers to Hog Tune Model 902.2 AA . The stock speakers were 2 ohms and the upgrades are 2 ohms.
    I have a XM Satellite radio installed to the hander bars since May of last year. In October of last year I noticed that the volume was maxing out with only ½ the volume display bars showing. If I continue to press the volume up button the sound distorts and starts to clip. This only occurs while listing to the Sat. Radio through the AUX port. If I change to Radio or CD the volume increase two fold. No distortion & no clipping.
    The bike is at the dealer for other warranty work (drive train problems), and the dealer is telling me that the line in amp is at its max. each if the display is showing that it is at 1/2 vol. Dealer states that the radio is fine. No problem. Heard that before on other stuff.
    Is anyone else experiencing a loss in AUX volume with devices such as I-PODs or Satellite radios playing?
    I’m suspecting that the line in amp has gone bad.
  2. tubguy

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    Ive got the same problem. It never used to do this but just started and if i move the Aux in line while in the input in the radio it cuts in and out. I'm sure theres something wrong wth the input in the stereo its self.. Plese let me know how this all works out for you. I've got my next service coming soon and will advise them of this problem and hopefully get it fixed.

  3. Grillfish

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    I plug my MP3 player into the aux input and the volume doesn't get as loud as just a CD or the radio playing. I'm no techie, but one of my friends said it was due to how I downloaded the music on my laptop (some settings we too low or something like that). But with your SAT radio also doing this, I'd be curious to what is causing it.
  4. Joyflyin

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    Grillfish, my husband had that problem and all he had to do was turn the volume up on his ipod. If the volume isn't all the way up, I notice a big difference in the volume on my jeep and from the head phones.....I guess I should say that the other way, if I plug the ipod in my jeep at the volume I listen to it with the head phones, I can't hear it until I turn the volume up on the ipod, or really crank the volume on the car stereo so I get blasted if I switch. It's easier to turn the ipod down when I put the ear buds in.
  5. wobray

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    Take a look at what I just sent my HD service manager. Might be something in common. I have a 2011 Tri Glide and will return it for first service in about 2 weeks.
    Here it is:
    1. The radio (audio system) switches from stereo to monoral randomly. This is MOST prevalent in the XM, Mp3 outputs from the Garmin Zumo 665 when in AUX mode. It also occurs with the FM radio. I did not test the WB, AM or CD for this anomaly. When the SPEAKER switch is in the MIDDLE position it will go to headset (from speaker) when it goes from stereo to mono then back to speakers when the stereo sound returns. Neither the CB nor intercom are on when this is observed.The volume in stereo is usually at about half the horizontal bars and becomes FULL bars (horizontally) when the mono is being transmitted without any appreciable difference in the loudness. Perhaps the heard volume is even a little less in the mono mode. I observed this from riding with the audio system on for the past 6 hours. I did not test to see if these symptoms occur if the GPS is turned off. I JUST realized that fact.


    I did not mention that I have a BOMM installed. My service manager said that we need ot disconnect the BOMM and see what happens. I wrote the owner of the BOMM site and was told that the BOMM in NOT the problem. He says that this has been reported and the the culprit is the NIM.
    Have one ordered.
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  6. wobray

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    Had a newly manufactured NIM AND..... the cable that comes with it installed. Switching from FM, AM, Aux is now spontaneous and effortless. The volume problem in the AUX mode continues as well as the XM radio or the MP3 bleeding through while listening to FM if they are left unmuted or not paused. It bleeds through to the headset WHILE the FM is playing through the speakers with the switch in the middle position. The bleeding through is intermittent in nature.
    I am about to have the NIM and cable removed and have the audio out cable to the AUX input to the radio and the XM antenna directly to the 665 GPS
    Any suggestions??
  7. revok1200

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    Not sure if my issue is similar to yours or not? I have an 06 RG and the Aux input came loose from the circuit board. My MP3 player would cut in and out and the volume was low or scratchy, then it quit working all together.

    I pulled the faceplate off the unit and the aux input was just flopping around not even soldered in place.

    I was able to solder everything back together and it works just fine now.
  8. Breeze3at

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    Grillfish; Here is a cut and paste of a reply I got from Roadglider09 9-3-09. I followed the instructions on my computer's music library, and all songs on my Ipod play at the same volume. The only thing I'll add, is to turn "sound check" ON on your Ipod, it's in the settings menu.

    I don't claim to be an Ipod expert, but I do own a 60gig Ipod and an Iphone as well. If you are downloading all the music from Itunes, check to see if the songs are all converted to AAC format. Also, make sure they are at least 128kbps bit rate. You can check this in Itunes by "Right Clicking" on each song in the music list and Choosing the "Get Info" tab.

    If the songs are in AAC format, Itunes has already tried to adjust the volume to the correct level for each song. However, you can also select the "Options" tab on the song and there is a Volume Control slider at the top there as well that can be adjusted up or down to manually adjust and save the volume for each song. If you have several songs that are lower in volume, you can "Shift Click" on several songs at a time and indicate that you would like to adjust several choices at once. Once selected, the "Option" tab is again available and the master volume control slider is available for adjustment that will adjust all the songs AT ONCE that were selected.

    I always convert all songs that I rip from CDs or any other source to AAC format as well because they take up less room on the Ipod and are adjusted automatically as well. I usually adjust the main volume on my Ipod to about 90% and then control to overall volume of the songs on my bike radio. However, they will still vary some (smaller levels) from song to song as recording quality will still vary from song to song. Hope this helps.
  9. scsharp2260

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    Not sure if my problem is related, I have a '09 Road Glide, I get my XM off my 550 Zumo. I can only get half of the volume on XM as FM or AM. I checked the Zumo and the volume setting is at 100%. It worked fine when I had just a XM radio hooked to it. Any one have any ideas?