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  1. on2wheels

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    Thank you in advance for objective opinions.

    I am considering an 2010 Ultra. I have a 2006 now with about 40,000 miles.

    There are pros and cons. I know most are happy with the 09 enhancements that of course the 10 gets also.

    What I am really interested in is any issues with the 2010 bikes. I know some have complained about being even hotter than the older bikes. Others say no, that with the improvements they run more comfortable heat wise fro the 09 enhancements.

    Any first hand experience with the heat issue and or other issues yet specific to 2010 models.

    Thank you again.
  2. glider

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    Try the search feature for many posts on this same question. :s
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    I was out in Las Vegas over the Labor Day weekend and rented a 2010 Road King and it got very hot. The first day I had it I picked it up at noon and the temp. about 90 degrees son I thought this could be the cause of it running so hot but the second day I stated out about 6 in the morning and it was probably in the mid 70's and in no time at all the heat coming off the motor became very uncomfortable when stopped at a red light. And Vegas has a lot of very long red lights.
  4. on2wheels

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    Davidw, Thanks. That is what I am looking for.

    I am going thru Vegas as part of a last long ride for 09, probably 4,000 this week.

    The reason your post helps is my exp in Vegas before. When I leave Tucson it is from the out skirts of town then I go thru Phx on the interstate. But as a tourist I have to take the strip in Vegas. It is always miserably hot on my 06 Ultra with the traffic and lights. I do not want any additional heat unless it can be tamed somehow. The cats are a question mark being in the header now.

    I have read many threads but find it puzzling that some say they are very hot, the 2010, and others are saying no difference and one claiming they are cooler.

    Fuel Moto says they are. I might be reaching them if I decide to but new.

    Thanks again.
  5. JJDH

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    i find no issue with heat on my street glide.. for the rental bike the cylinder cut out prolly wasnt turned on. now they have worked the bugs out of the engine. i run mine very fast, of course there is heat, what is normal???????????? the 2010 have all the perks, the only place the bike can mechanically run hotter is on the exhaust pipe due to the catalytic converter more than half of bike owners change the exhaust anyhow.
  6. Sunnyhdk

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    :bigsmiley12: Hi, I only ride the new 2010 Wide Glide for 3 days and cannot stop to ride ... Bike & me are one, hope you know what I mean. I can highly recommend this beautiful bike, just love it!!!!! But every taste and opinion is different and as I wasn't into riding before (unfortunately I sat on a bike this April for the first time) I only have the comparison of the 1200 Sportster 07 model that was my first bike ...
  7. walleye

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    The heat issue would be no different than from a 09. No changes were made to make it any different. All new bikes, especially from 07 on,due to EPA standards run hotter. It is somewhat remidied with a stage one including a fuel management such as a TFI. I also noticed heat reduction from Mobil One fully syn oil. Bottom line as far as heat is concerned is they are no more of a problem than the 09 models. I love my 09 Ultra and have no issues at all with it. I would buy an 09 except for the fact if I were to buy now I would buy the Ultra Limited and get the upgrades it offers. Hope this helps.
  8. TLMitchell

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    I've owned 2000 & 2005 TC88s as well as recently swapping an '07 for a '10... all Ultras. As you know, on a hot day in stop n go traffic with your feet down the 88s are hot. The '07 was worse, it literally felt like I could almost feel blisters raising on my thighs at times. Painfully hot!

    When I rode the '09s last year I loved the handling and found the heat gone for the most part. A bit of it migrated down to the right calf & ankle when moving but nothing objectionable, IMO. You can always change positions a bit. When stopped I feel nothing uncomfortable in any way, shape or form on the '10.

    I've seen reports of cataysts glowing cherry red and uncomfortable heat, I haven't experienced it. I've been nothing short of delighted with the improvements over the '07, both in handling and overall smoothness. After adding pipes, breathers and fuel management of one sort or another to every EFI bike I've owned I'm gonna run this one stock because it just runs so good. Well, I added slipons cuz I got a killer deal on 'em. And my internal dyno could feel a considerable difference in performance. But the plugs look good and fuel mileage is up from what I had been experiencing. It's my thought that the A/F mixtures may be a tad fatter on the '10s due to the catalyst reducing emissions.

    The difference between your '06 and a '09 or '10 is going to be mind-blowing. In addition to the 96" and the 6-speed they change the primary gearing. Gone is that feeling of always being in the wrong gear running around town at 30 - 35 MPH. They also reduced the rear pulley by 2 teeth sometime between the '07s and '09 making 6th much more useable. As an experiment I rolled on in 6th from 50 MPH and experienced nothing but smooth, steady acceleration... no lugging, no lag. On the '07 6th was pretty-much useless below 70 MPH.

    The new frame and wider rear end and tire was my main motivation for the swap. It just flat-out handles like a much lighter bike! Gone is the low-speed front end uncertainty and the wallowing in bumpy high-speed sweepers. I used to get my FXR out when I was in need of a fix in the twisties. No longer necessary. :)

    I had the choice of identical '09 or a '10 when I traded. I knew the differences were marginal and the '10 had the catalyst. The only appreciable difference would possibly be trade-in or resale value down the road as I had the same deal available for either. I chose the '10. YMMV.

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    if yours runs hotter you must have gotten one of the "winter" bikes :lero