2009 Touring Bike tire mileage

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Retrop, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Retrop

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    OK, Harley put a new tie and wheel on nearly all of the 2009 touring bikes this year. The rear wheel went from 3" wide to 5" wide with the new fat tire from Dunlop. Dunlop suggests that this new tire has a different compound in the middle of the tire which should give us increased tire mileage. I realize tire mileage can vary between two identical bikes if they have riders with different riding styles but just the same, some tires wear longer than others. I am wondering if anyone has put enough miles on their new Dunlops to prove them right or wrong. So far I have 8500 miles on mine and they still look real good. At this point, I can see getting 12-14,000 miles out of the rear unless something changes. I log most of my miles on the asphalt highway with the occasional jaunt on the concrete interstate.
    Anybody else have much experience on these new tires yet?
  2. teleman001

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    I have about 2800 miles on my 09 glide. I'm already noticing the flatness of the tire. Mostly 2 lane riding too. I hope I get at least 10K out of it, but I doubt it. Maybe I'm a bit too hard on that there throttle?
  3. Mickster

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    Suggestion to consider- try having Nitrogen gas pumped into the tires. I believe there are discussions, mostly all positive, on this Forum about it. I use it in both our bikes, and it's a cheap replacement.
  4. KingHeritage

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    When I get 10,000 miles or so,I start looking in the new tire catalog.IMO motorcycle tires are the most vulnerable part of the bike.Without a spare I'd rather be safe than sorry
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    I got 4 miles on my new 09 FLHX haven't noticed any wear yet. lol I would think we should be able to get more than 12K on them . My last bike I was able to get that with the older tire.