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  1. Hi All!

    First time on, love the forum and I already have a question. lol

    Can someone help me try and diagnosis my bike?

    My 2009 Street Glide was running fine and then I noticed that it was idling pretty high and the engine got louder than normal.

    Yesterday I took it out for a long ride thinking that the ride may fix it, when I stopped at a gas station to get a drink i shut it off and tried to start it again and got some back fire and it wouldn't start, tried it again and it started but kind of roughly. When I got to my destination, I was in the place for about three hours and when I came out to leave it started up fine and seamed back to normal even the sound of the engine was back to normal.

    As I was getting on to the freeway I felt like a sputter and it was acting up again. When I got home I shut it off and tried to start it up again and the same things happen, like at the gas station earlier. But this time it was like a hard clanking noise and then it started.

    I was wondering if regular (cheap) gas could create some of these problems or even the problem? I accidentally put the cheap gas in the last time I gassed up.

    The other thing I was thinking about is I recently installed the new 2 to 1 Vance and Hines exhaust on it and still need to get it dyno tuned it has the tuner installed but with a base map until it gets 65 to 70 degrees outside to tune it to the perferred weather.

    Sorry for the long story but just didn't want to leave anything out.

    Thanks for the feed back and any suggestions!
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    First thing I would do is put the good gas in and see if it smooths out. If it was me I would siphon the cheap gas into the wife's car and fill-up fresh with the good stuff. If that is not an option perhaps you could add the appropriate amount of octane booster to get you through this tank.
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    You should be fine tuning wise with the base map unless you have also added a stage 1 air cleaner. Usually that with the new exhaust is when you need the re-tune.

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    The REGULAR gas could totally be the problem.......

    I see where you said CHEAP gas... The BTU's are MORE in regular (lower octane gas) BUT burn very quickly under pressure... The more Pressure the MORE octane is needed... So in your Harley, running on the Low octane will run but not as good.... Your bike (brain) will adjust (retard) the spark SOME but not enough to allow a full time of 87 fuel.....

    The High octanes BURN slower and NO Knock in the motor is heard when using the higher octane fuel...

    Your bike will start EASY when COLD on low octane fuel BUT NOT after it is HOT.. so starting your HD HOT needs the higher octane fuel to start properly...

    These bikes do rattle a bit when starting becomes a problem..

    Try the fuel and don't penny pinch here as it will do damage to the engine.....

    costing you $$$$

    ALWAYS use a good brand name High octane fuel.... Choose a station that sells a LOT of it.... Even then you can get bad gas...

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    I have the same problem with Mexican food. :D
  6. Thank you guys for the feed back! I will defiantly siphon the gas into the wife’s car and get some good gas in there. I also know exactly where you’re coming from Glazier on the Mexican food! Lol I'll keep you guys post on the out come.......
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    Man, I feel for you,,,, Even at a Denny's in Austin at the ROT rally a couple years ago,,, Best Hot peppers and were served with Everything I ate...:sd

    Talk about a HD Rumble.... It was Mine..:bigsmiley25:


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    Man, You are a Brave Soul ,,,You Might think that the Mexican Food was a problem,,,,, WAIT until your Wife Hears you putting that JUNK into Her Car..

    Brave to say the Least... Bye Bye......:newsmile092:

  10. LOL ====> Bubbie! Glazier what’s real funny is my wife is Mexican so double laughs! Bubbie I did siphon the gas and added a high octane gas from our Shell gas Station here in Milwaukee. It was 93 grade. I didn't get a chance to take it out yet for a ride but as soon as I do I’ll let you know the outcome.

    Thank you, Hoople and Smitty901 for the advice. I will run the codes and see what I get. I'll keep you updated what I get.
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