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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HarleyFrank, Sep 11, 2009.

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    It looks like I'm not going to bother with SE Slip-On mufflers for my new 2009 FLHTC California model. After looking at those photos of the catalyst in the head pipe collector (H-D Exhaust section) there's not much reason to open up anything past that obstruction. All the restriction is there, not beyond. I suppose I could replace the headpipe assembly with the 49 state version, but CA is getting ready to do smog inspections on motorcycles. Anything not stock fails. I got the Stage-1 download and air cleaner at delivery. But I hear that's just a rev-limit change. Am I stuck stock? Any wisdom on this? Thanks.


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    Isn't California such a great state. Motorcycles are only one of a few types of transportation devices we have that don't overly polute the air and help with traffic congestion. So instead of promoting the use of them they are doing everything they can to get us off the road. I understand your problem, I have a bike that I don't know what I'm going to do with if they start smoging bikes. If I had a new bike I would only change the things that would keep me legal and just get used to the lack of performance or move out of state.
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    You might consider doing what the rest of us are doing with "newer" bikes. I have installed the SE Touring slip ons with Fulsac 1.75" baffels (this is LEGAL). I have installed the V&H "true duals" with the crossunder configuration. If CA starts making me submit to a smog check, I still have my stock pipes, so I'll put them on, get it smogged, then change back and go on about my business. Yep, it's illegal but I didn't get a Harley to be quiet or follow the smog God rules or support some revineu generating bureraucratic law on a vehical that gets over 40MPG. Ya wanna stop Global Warming, take those Monster Truck SUV's, the one's that claim they didn't see the bike, after they killed someone, off the road! BE LOUD, BE PROUD, MAKE SURE, IF THEY CAN"T SEE YA........THEY HEAR YA!
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    Thats makes two of us:D
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    I put SuperTrapp SE's on my 2008 Ultra and have had NO trouble...but we don't get checked here.......they did increase my gas mileage from 44 to 48-50 depending on how I'm running her.
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    The CA smog check for motorcycles is still in committee, there is some doubt that it will happen, they are looking at cost verses the potential income. Parts of Az tried it for a while and than droped the program as it was costing them $$$$.
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    unless there is something I'm missing, I'd install factory when I get it inspected and then install the Stage 1 stuff afterward.