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    I have a 2008 Street Bob and looking for cams. I have a stock configuration other than a Thundermax ECU hi flow intake and Martin Bros Daisycutters w/ torque cones and looking for low to mid range torque. Looking for recommendations and why. Looking at the Feuling HP+ camchest kit with a 525 reaper. Before I put out the money for all that I am looking for anyone running their stuff? Any help would be very appreciated thanks.
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    Type in 255 cams in the search bar. you will find a lot of great advice.
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    We have just last week put S&S Easy start cams into 2 of our 2008 bikes;FLSTF and FLSTN.I put the 551 one in and my brother put their 583 into his Fatboy.We too have T/maxes with Autotune and stage 1 Air Filter and exhaust mods.Having the adjustability with the T/max has been a boon with tuning for the new cams.

    These are both low to upper middle range RPM cams;with the 551 coming in about 1700 and done by 4200.The 583 starts about 2100 and goes to maybe 5000.These are both bolt in,meaning you can keep the standard valve springs if you wish,and can even reuse the standard pushrods if you take the rocker covers off.These cams come with new Torrington bearings included.As an extra bonus,the compression release function of these cams works really well on startup.Because they're still relatively low lift,they are still quiet in operation and kind to your valve train.

    As always, i guess,you have to be VERY HONEST with yourself about how and where(rpm ranges) you mostly ride. We're very happy with the torque they provide.Check out the info and dyno charts under"S&S easy start cams".
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