2007 Road King Classic

Discussion in 'Sell or Trade' started by Joyflyin, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. Joyflyin

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    Okay all, after the beat down I had in 2019, between the dogs, my parents & my personal injuries...I have decided to sell my road king. I would just rather do more things with my dogs then go off & ride by myself. ;)

    I currently have it listed on Facebook Marketplace, and that is it. But here is the info on it. PM me for more information if needed.

    2007 Harley Davidson Road King Classic. 16,707 Miles. 96 Cubic Inch. Has detachable windshield, detachable tour pack, Stage One upgrade with Rush Slip ons (with original take off pipes) & Doebeck TFI Controller. I am the 2nd owner and have owned the bike since 2012. Garage kept, never caught in the rain since 2012. Tires repalce shortly after I got the bike, 3145 miles on the tires. Bike runs and rides great, I am just wanting to direct my interest in other directions at this time. 2nd owner female, 1st owner gentleman in his 70's. Bike has never been abused.

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  2. gator508

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    Hey joyflying,
    Only you know when it's time.
    No. 1 don't be a stranger here, No. 2 that's a good looking bike with low mileage you shouldn't have much trouble selling it. Good luck in the future.
  3. liquid_wrench

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    Nice bike joyflying, I sold my 2007 heritage after 8 years, In less than 1 1/2 years I bought my electra glide classic. I took a break for awhile, but I couldn't take it anymore. Though I don't ride as much as I used to, I like having it around. Lol
    I did ok on the heritage, I sold it for 12,000 after 8 years. Pewter Pearl in Excellent Condition. Do like I did and take a break and go from there.....I got a feeling you'll be back...…..Lol
  4. Joyflyin

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    Thank you gentlemen! I don't plan on being a stranger here. :) I am not saying that I won't have another bike down the road. (I have never said that, actually, it was probably more like "When I want another bike, I will get one." ) LOL. But I am currently thinking that I will use a camper more than the bike. :) Last year was a rough one, between the dogs, my parents, and my own ailments...(for those that don't know, we lost 3 young dogs to freak accidents in 4 months, 2 hit by the same car, one bad reaction to a vaccination :( & mom & dad both having bad falls in January (different dates) and mom still hasn't recovered) & then me tearing the tendon in my foot on 1 July, only to be followed up with the appendicitis in September, I only had it out once or twice for short little rides around town.) So, I suppose in my grief & recuperation, I have had lots of needed laughs with the dogs and that has been good for me. :)

    This year, I have bought a kayak, which Paddington has fallen out of every single time out...but I can retrieve him without tipping over; which I have had lots of practice lol, but he has also fallen out of our little 16' aluminum boat too; every single trip out. :D We have been hiking several times as well. I am having such fun with the little dude that gives me so much laughter, that I just don't want to go out on the bike. However, I did think of a sidecar!
  5. RibEye

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    If you go with a sidecar, from the sound of things, you will definitely want one with a lid. Falling out of a boat is one thing...:eek:

    Rich P
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  6. biscuit

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    Was that the bike you got from “Glider”?
    All those years ago.
  7. Joyflyin

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    :D My thoughts exactly!!! He is a curious little goof. :D

    No, I did not get Glider's old bike unfortunately. :( Just couldn't make it happen at that time. I picked this one up not long after that however. ;)
  8. joel

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    Good luck with the bike sale.
    We were in a similar situation, having a bike and a boat with limited time.
    Boat was a very large part of family life, than kids grew up and was used less each year.
    Than no use for a couple. Sold it to the people that adopted our grandchild , so still in the the family.
    14 years ago we took our lab Jack out for his fist boat ride, we beached it with the swim platform to shore and he jumped out, sank to the bottom while looking up to us while bubbles came out his nose.
    He was only 3 feet down as he was standing on the bottom, we knew right then he needed a life jacket for dogs.
    Never crossed our minds that would happen to a Laborer.
  9. Joyflyin

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    Joel, lol, we had a black lab that we rescued, the owners told us he was about two when we got him. We had to put him down last August. We figured he was about 15. :( But we had to teach him how to swim once we had him. :D We still had our farm in West Virginia then. We had two ponds there, so we would get in the boat, one of us would row, the other would pull Rocky on the leash behind the boat. ;) He only sort of got it that summer. But the very next year, it was like he was born in the water. Never even thought of the doggy life jackets then, but the ponds were small.

    Taking the dogs out to busy lakes that are quite a bit larger than our little ponds and knowing something could happen, I just couldn't handle losing another pup over not having a life jacket on the guys in case they did go in and could potentially become exhausted before we got to them. ;)