2007 Nightrod Starting Issue

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    Hello All:

    I'm a new member. I purchased a 2007 Nightrod that had been in storage for 14 months not started or run at all. I got service done a few days ago, new battery, oil change, new FOB battery. Bike has 2300 miles on it. Service tech says he started it just fine and ran it just fine. When I picked it up, it started up fine and I had it in first for about 25 yards to the transport vehicle (bike not registered yet). When I got it home, I started fine, ran it up the street and back. When I got back in the driveway, bike stopped running and oil indcator light came on. From there on, the bike starts up, the stops a few secs later and oil light comes on. I went through the starting procedure as outlined in manual to the T. One thing is I don't recall how close FOB was to my cell on the way home. Could this be a FOB issue? I read where a cell can wipe out the FOB memory, but it was a short ride home (about 30 minutes) from the shop. I'm stumped. Thank you for any help.
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    Just to clarify, does the oil light come on after the engine dies (it should do that) or does it come on, then the engine die?