2006 Sportster 1200 engine and electrical quit dead

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by FinallyFlying, May 26, 2013.

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    Pulled up to a stop sign last night and the engine started to sputter - like it does when it's running out of gas.

    I reached down to switch fuel tanks and noticed that everytime the engine misfired all the lights were blinking off in perfect timing with the engine. Engine would rev back to life and lights come on.....engine sputters and lights go off. So there I sit trying to give it gas with the lights and the engine blinking and sputtering on and off.

    Finally the engine quit dead and all the lights went off ... nothing electrical alive at all.

    I took the battery cover off to check the battery cables and they both were tight, but I did notice that the positive connection moved just slightly when I pulled on it. After this, I turned the ignition on .. all lights came on, engine started right back up and I rode home.

    From other posts I've read others have suggested the battery cables might cause this, but the battery was just replaced 2 months ago. The bike is always parked indoors so I'm just skeptical that corrosion could build up that quickly.

    Does anyone know the torque values for tightening the battery cables? Maybe they vibrated loose a bit but I don't want to over-tighten.

    Also, if it was the ignition module or some other problem would that cause the lights to blink off in time with the engine?

    Would appreciate any suggestions of other things I should be checking.
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    I think that from what you have said in your post that you have found the problem area you just need to follow it through
    By pulling on the positive battery cable the power came back on so the positive battery cable is the most likely problem area
    Even though the battery is new the cables will be the old ones you need to remove both battery cables and clean both ends and re fit them possible corrosion or a wee bit loose at the bike end of the cables if no power at all i would have suspected the negative cable but the newer bikes may be wired differently to the older ones


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    Yep, You found a loose wire as I did on my 06 sport R....
    Same thing happened...

    Loose connection was My problem also.

    HD's will Not run without a good battery or good electrical connection.

    Like fin says Clean and check to see they are not broken (easy bent in one spot) or cracked on the insulation...

    I do not torque wrench... I take my chances by PROPER location of wire and Tighten TIGHT...
    Proper location means alignment of wire so it won't move and Un-loosen connector from the battery post...

    I always Hold the wire straight lined and not allowing it to move with the bolt head when I OVER Torque it...:newsmile100: