2006 electra glide classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Moeman, Apr 29, 2014.

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    Having an issue with the battery I think. The power on the gauge is fluxuating going up and down. I know it is supposed to be around 14 when running and average of about 12 when starting. It goes up and down while riding. Then just last week my stereo screen went blank and radio is fluxing in and out, with some static coming out of the left speaker when it goes out. It comes back on if I do around 70, but goes in and out. I checked the connections on my battery and they seem to be good. Any ideas?
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    Remove the cables from the battery and clean them. Then follow them down and check the other end, especially the ground to the frame.
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    What Steve said. How old is your battery? I also have a 06 EG (Ultra) with 51,000 miles. Never had a problem with charging, always about 14.5 volts unless I'm at idle at a light. Sometimes less when I'm using my heated gear in the cold. I'm on my second battery, this ones 2 years old.

    If your still on your original battery, it doesn't owe you anything.
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    The battery is about 3 years old I believe. The bike did sit for almost a year due to the fact I had a broken leg. Didn't keep it on a charger though. But the bike has been running since last april. The problem with the fluxing of the battery gauge has been going on for a few months. Bike starts with no problem and runs fine though. Will try to check cables again tomorrow after work. I just hope it is a simple problem, cause I would really hate to replace the radio, bit expensive!
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    If your battery is stock, id replace it, even if you find a loose connection. I change bstterires every four years needed or not. Theyre in a ruff environment with the heat and vibration. Just read your last post. I wouldnt trust a battery that was dormant for a year, change it. I suspect your taxing your stator and VR running this battery.

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    Might be the voltage regulator... Because of Erratic Voltage Up and Down...

    Load test the battery... Take to a parts store , they usually will do the test for free...

    The stator could be the problem also.

    I by no means suggest buying anything new until you test the parts I mentioned...

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    All of what Bubbie said!
    I had the same problem.
    Has it thrown a code, has the battery light or check engine light come on? Mine did.
    If the stator is bad the primary oil will smell burnt. The regulator can be tested, someone the forum can direct you to the info for doing it.
    I had to replace all three the battery, regulator and stator. It was a domino effect first the battery went then the stator then the regulator, the guage was doing exactly what you described.
    Good Luck.
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    I also have an 06 EGC. Had the same thing happen to me as well. Turns out the Volt meter went bad and shorted out. Disconnected it and everything is working fine.
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