2004 Standard Softtail FLHST 98CI

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  1. Tuchimae

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    Converting our 04 Softtail to carb is the AAM-P3 ignition module the only option
  2. dolt

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    Not sure why you want to convert; the Delphi EFI setup is quite good and the fuel management systems currently available offer "self tuning" options that are very user friendly. The V&H FP3 flash tuner is also adequate for most mild motor configurations.

    Short answer is no. Thunderheart offers a "stand alone" setup and Daytona Twin Tec also offers an ignition module IIRC.

    IIRC, '04 softails were both carbed and EFI, so the first thing I would get would be the OEM Parts Manual and the OEM Service Manual. You can use all HD parts for the conversion, three basic parts are the ignition harness, ignition coil and ignition control module. There are a few ancillary parts like intake manifold, intake flanges, backing plate, etc. that are carb related which I am sure you are aware of. The ignition wiring harnesses for the carbed bikes is different from the EFI harness. If you use the harness for carbed bikes, the fuel sending unit and associated parts will work.

    The below parts list is for converting a '03 touring model from EFI to carb so some of the parts are not needed to convert your softail.
    1) 16315-99 top engine mount
    1) 69123-92 horn mount
    1) 61163-02 spacer
    1) 3775 bolt ( maybe may be acquired locally )
    2) 26995-86B intake manifold seals
    1) 27002-89 seal, carb to manifold
    1) 27412-99 carb (have seen takeoff carb,intake & enrichment cable on ebay $100 )
    1) 29229-88C enrichment cable
    1) 29313-95 gasket
    1) 32435-02 wiring harness, ignition
    1) 31655-99 ignition coil (have seen new takeoff ebay $40 )
    1) 32478-99B ignition module ( DTT, Thunderheart also available )
    1) 38723-99 retaining clip, MAP sensor
    1) 68042-99 screw
    2) 1004 clamps
    1) 26574-99 vacuum hose
    1) 61402-02 gasket, sending unit
    1) 11323 o-ring, tank to tank adapter
    1) 61338-02 fuel valve body
    1) 62172-02 gasket, fuel valve
    1) 62161-02 nut, fuel valve
    1) 62170-02 filter, fuel valve
    1) 62842-00 adapter, fuel valve to tank
    1ft) fuel line ( may be acquired locally )
    1ft) 62555-95 insulator ( 5/8 plastic loom cover, may be acquired locally)
  3. Tuchimae

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    Thank you I didn't think there was. Haven't been very satisfied with the EFI, it seems every time its tuned it only lasts a few days and its back to re-Mapping and re-tuning. I've seen other threads saying a more experienced mechanic was needed but we've yet to find one in our area. Stalling out at an intersection is not the business
  4. dolt

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    Don't know what tuner you are using but tunes don't change; once the ECM is flashed, it cannot change. If the motor is not highly modified, the V&H FP3 is a flash tuner that is user friendly and the customer support is quite good. I would suggest you look into the FP3 as it would be a much cheaper and less labor intensive solution.

    If the motor is highly modified, i.e., large displacement, high compression, non "bolt in" cams, etc. the Power Vision or the TTS Mastertune would be the appropriate fuel management system. A qualified and competent tuner would also be a necessary component and even if you have to drive or trailer the bike a couple of hundred miles to get a proper dyno tune, it would be worth it.

    Remember, even if the motor is say Stage I, with the addition of a bolt in cam set, some tuning is required. A programmable ignition, like the DTT unit and re-jetting of the carb, preferably on a dyno or in conjunction with an AFR meter will be necessary to optimize tuning at idle, partial throttle and WOT.

    Converting from EFI to carb is not like falling off a log and can be frustrating and time consuming process. So, I would strongly suggest that you consider retaining the EFI system and finding the right fuel management system, ideally one that you can operate and tune yourself. The self tuning features offered by the Power Vision and the TTS Mastertune can produce a good tune, not dyno good but not far off.