2004 FXDLI vs 2006 FXDI

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Which would you buy?

  1. 2004 FXDLI 5 speed 17k miles

  2. 2006 FXDI 6 speed 7600 miles

  1. NickGrind

    NickGrind New Member

    I'm looking at buying a used Dyna model and have narrowed it down to to choices. The price is basically the same on each, so I wanted to get some opinions here on the forum
    1. 2004 FXDLI, 17k miles, 5 speed, forward controls, V&H slipons.
    What I like about this bike is it's super clean, nice chrome, has nice long low look, original exhaust except for the mufflers (still has cross tube), power commander module installed. What I'm hesitant about this bike is the higher mileage, 5 spd vs 6 spd trans (suppose I could add 6 spd gear set), not sure i like the forward controls. I've only had mid controls but am comfortable on the highway pegs on my XL. (suppose I could move back to mid and add highway pegs)
    2. 2006 FXDI, 7600 miles, 6 speed, mid controls, complete V&H exhaust. What I like about this bike is the low miles, 6 speed trans (I can easily see cruising 75-80 I87 in 6th), mid controls that I'm used to, highway pegs, quick detach back rest. What I'm hesitant about on this bike is pouring $ into customization of bars, foot pegs, etc. (you get the idea). Also, not sure about the modified exhaust. Does it matter much that the cross tube isn't there anymore?

    The low rider is only about $500 more, but the MSRP was about $6k more so i'm not sure if it's a better value.

    So I'm looking for experienced feedback here. Based on what you see, which would you buy and why?


  2. Ga98Dyna

    Ga98Dyna Member

    I voted for the 06. Less Miles, 6 Speed, Were also a few refinements made in 06 over the 04. Is your call and your money though.
  3. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    If you get the '06 just make sure you remove the primary cover and fix the rivets in the mag rotor before it comes apart and tears up the stator/regulator. It's a simple low cost fix if done before it comes apart... and it will.

    I also believe (I would have to look up the service bulletin) there was a fuel injector upgrade for the spray pattern. The new spray pattern helps starting, performance & mileage. The part number on the injector would tell you which you have.

    Both of these issues are not deal breakers. Just read the service bulletins and get filled in.
    I like the '06.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    The cross over tube would not be a deal breaker IMO, it is there to help with exhaust scavenging, after market pipes do not need this, I like the 6 speed:s
  5. Dyna Dave117

    Dyna Dave117 New Member

    I used to own a 2004 FXDLI. It was pretty much stock except for some V&H slipons and some extra chrome. It had the forward controls set up on it too. It was an AMAZING bike and great looking to boot. I traded it in for a 2014 Dyna Switchback. I am 5'7" so that is one reason that I traded it in. I just did not fit very well on the bike due to the forward controls. Second reason for the trade was that I really wanted a bike with ABS. Although I did not feel like the bike fit me 100% it was still an awesome riding bike. I loved it and do miss it.

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  6. Swamp Fox

    Swamp Fox New Member

    +1....I would go with the 2006 for the same reasons....