2003 XL1200C acceleration problems and oil leak.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by 1970Dex, May 1, 2013.

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    -2003 XL1200C- I just came back from a weekend run through the desert (Los Angeles, CA to Laughlin, NV). Over the past 4 days I put about 750 miles on my bike. About 30 miles from home my bike started acting up. When I hit 75 mph it does not want to accelerate any more. It becomes very hesitant. I kept it under 70mph the rest of the way and it made it home. This also happens when I accelerate between 1st and 2nd gear. In addition to this when my ride was over I noticed that has started leaking oil. Over night the oil leaked to the driveway, The spot is about 2 minutes in diameter.
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    Is your oil overfull, puking out of the air cleaner?
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    You didn't mention if it was carb or fuel injected. If carbed, it could be a dirty jet or low float height starving the motor for fuel under higher rpm's. If injected, i can't really offer any advice. As for the oil leak, inspecting where it could be coming from is where i'd start. I would use a degreaser and wash the bike well, and then run it for short periods and see where it begins to originate from. Perhap it'll point towards a leaking seal or gasket. Keep us posted if you find the solution.
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    If loosing power at higher revs it may be that you are not getting enough fuel or air first thing to check is the air cleaner if it has a stock air box it may need opening up a wee bit
    Strip clean and inspect the carb
    Oil migrates on a bike and will usually drip from the lowest point so as has been mentioned a good clean up of oil off the bike and short rides till you find the source


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    All these older Sport bikes are carbed.

    The 07 model year had ALL HD's injected.

    Dirty main flow OR a ruptured Diaphragm would do this at speed.
    Good to try the suggested cap loose on tank.

    The flow out the tank+ try to put it on reserve and see IF that makes a difference when trying to open it up on RPM.

    If it does resume power, Blockage is in the tank/valve area.