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2003 Ultra Glide Classic Police Edition


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Just joined and just bought this bike, 1 week ago. Perfect condition, like right out of the factory. 10800 miles. 15 years ago I had a 2005 RK Sun Glo Blue and the only one I have ever seen to date. The chrome with that color was spectacular. She was my baby. But then came the girls and she was gone. Now the girls are almost gone and retirement is just around the corner. Plan to take the bike with us to Europe when we retire. There are just a few things I would like to add to the bike: Bassani True Duals, K&N RK-3910-1 intake and some other things to make it look even nicer. Eventually more HP. All of these add-ons will have to be hidden from the wife of course. What she does not know about won't hurt her.
Welcome to HDT from Sweet Home Alabama.
I have Bassani true duals on my 05 Ultra Classic, great sounding exhaust.