2003 Road King Fuel Mileage?

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    Bought a 2003 Road King with ~8K miles on it. The previous owner had put Rinehart T/D's, A/N Big Sucker, and a V&H Carb Kit (I have the Receipts).
    I got it and had to run it for a long time with fuel enricher on and even when good and warm it would still puke back through the carb from an idle to first throttle response. I figured it was lean. So I opened the idle mixture screw probably 1/2 to 3/4 more open (2-3/4 turns total). Problem solved. Plugs look good. Runs good. I'm only getting 144 miles per tank. About 31 miles per gallon. Mostly around town and 50-60 miles of highway.
    My question is what does the V&H Carb kit entail? I know it obviously has a rejet kit and a drill bit to get to the idle mixture, etc. Could this kit have been installed such that it would cause a decrease in fuel mileage.
    I know I should be happy, the bike runs like a striped (EDIT) ape. It just seems that everybody and their brother is getting much better fuel mileage than I am with far more mods. than I.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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