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    I need some input and or advice!
    I bought my 2003 Road King Classic new from a dealer. He put on Hooker slip on mufflers for a better sound. Two years later I have him upgrade the motor to a 95 ci. The short end of the story is the last few years the bike started skipping and bucking at 1900 rpms. After a number of different trips to dealers the end result was the original stock mufflers were put back on and the problem is solved. The dealer I bought the bike from and installed the 95ci kit never installed a fuel management system (super tuner/ power commander). I not a mechanic and this is were I could some advice. The stock mufflers solved the problem at low rpms but I do notice the bike does not preform the same and I do like a rumble form the engine. The rumble is gone with the stock pipes. I would like to change mufflers to get more sound and performance. Questions:
    1. Do I need a fuel management system installed to make this work?
    2. Or will the right slip on mufflers add the sound and performance?
    3. If slip on mufflers will do this, what ones?
    4. If a fuel management system is needed, which one should I be looking at.
    I can replace the mufflers myself and the fuel management system if it is simple.
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    Put your Hookers back on if you like them and get it tuned.
    If you change in and out airflow, you need to retune one way or another. You can use a tuner and canned maps but they are still not as good as a proper tune as they tend to be EPA compliant. Find a tuner in your area and see what he likes for fuel management system. Most will use a flash tuner that changes the computer directly and then can be taken off after and I would suggest one of those over one that has to be left on the bike.
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    When you change mufflers you are changing back pressure and causing a leaner running engine
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    I'm assuming your are running a stage 1 air intake setup and with an exhaust change you'll surely be running to lean. There are several fuel management systems on the market and are user friendly.

    I'm only familiar with Dobecks gen3 which is basically a plug and play fuel delivery system and there tech support is very helpful.

    Take a look at the Dobeck's web page and or other fuel management systems and read up on how they work and how they will optimise the performance of a slightly modified engine.
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    In addition to what others have said, when you increased displacement to 95", you also increased compression. So, you now have a leaner running motor and more compression and more fuel is required and, perhaps, some timing adjustments. You can put the Hookers back on but you definitely need a fuel management system. I prefer flash tuners like the TTS Mastertune or the DynoJet Powervision and believe that the resulting tune is worth the additional cost over a "fueler" like the Dobeck TFI or V&H Fuel Pak but many have had satisfactory results with the fueler units which are DIY and do not require a dyno tune.
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    I agree with what the rest have said...you definitely more fuel if you put the Hookers back on. If you're not planning further engine mods (cam,etc.) and you truly want a simple plug n play fueler, the Vance and Hines Fuelpac is as simple as they come...literally plug n play. I've been running one on my 09 Ultra for over 3 years now with no problems.
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    Thanks for the help guys!