2003 FLSTF - Check Engine Light: TSM/TSSM?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by FatboySPNO34, Jul 7, 2014.

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    My check engine light turns on for a few minutes, then off for a few minutes or up to 30 minutes. It remained off for a 3-hour ride the other day, but then started happening again yesterday after about 1.5 hours of riding; then the intermittent on and off happened for another 1.5 hours of riding.
    I did the diagnostic by holding my trip reset button in before turning ignition to on, and all 10 banks show clear.
    I tripped the Diagnostic Connector under the seat to count how many times the check engine light flashes, and I "think" I have a 61 error (Loss of TSM/TSSM serial data). It flashes fast six times, pauses for about 2 seconds, then turns on once. Then pauses again for about 2 seconds, then flashes (not as fast; only once per second) six times. Then repeats the fast six flashes, and so on. Am I interpreting the flashes right?
    Also, is it at all possible that using the wrong voltage light bulb in a turn signal can cause the error? My right, rear turn signal went out. I made a stop at an auto store and bought what I thought was a compatible bulb. When I use that signal, it flashes really fast after a few seconds. I switched the bulb to the other side to see what happens, and it does the same thing on the other side. Is it just a coincidence that [I think] I have a 61 error and a faulty bulb?
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    You are counting the flashes correctly with a code 61. If your rear turn signal is only a turn sign. then it should be a 1156 -12V bulb. Had you put in a 6V. bulb it would of blown out.
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    Have you checked battery cables for proper tightness and being clean on both ends????

    As to the bulb, are the locating pins on the replacement the same as the one removed???