2003 FLSTCI - Stopped Running While Riding

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Dozer69, Mar 12, 2009.

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    All, I thank any of you who can help me out with what I should do next.

    Recently I added the V&H fuel pak. The bike was really responsive right after that. But it started dogging a few weeks later, particularly at higher RPMs. then I started got the decel pop. Then while riding the bike just stopped running all together, like there was no spark or no fuel.

    The bike turns over, and there doesn't seem to be any electrical problems (all lights working, fuses intact etc) - I have spark to the plugs and I can hear the fuel pump kick on and pump up, but it doesn't start or even want to.

    I even hooked bypassed the V&H pak and hooked it back up to the stock ECM, but that didn't do anything either.

    I tore into the stator (as that went out a few years ago,) and I know if it goes bad that the spark is not good. Plus, there has been some noise that has been getting slightly worse. However, the stator has no physical damage and the bolts hadn't backed out as they had in the past.

    the guys that have looked at it have said the noise was
    1) push rods
    2) cam
    3) primary chain (Snce I had the primary open, I upgraded to the later style auto tnsioner from Harley so if it is this it should be fixed)
    4) Potentially the stator, but I know that isn't the case after looking at it.
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    Sorry I dont have any helpful tips or words or wisdom on this as I havent had to figure out a problem such as this yet. Being a fellow FLSTCI owner, I feel for you and will keep an eye on your post to see what the outcome or verdict is on this. I am also quite sure that there will be someone on here who can offer up some advice.
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    Fuel filter my be bad spray WD 40 in the intake and try yo start it
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    Your check engine light never came on?

    When I added the PC-V to my bike it wouldn't start and when I did get it to start the check engine light came on. The problem? I didn't have the de-electric grease and I didn't think it was that necessary, turns out I was (uh-em) wrong. Put the grease on there and reset the code and the lights have not come on since.