2003 883 gas leak ????'s

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by cbergan, May 6, 2012.

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    My 2003 883 has a gas leak and I dont know how to diagnose it.

    I have been riding, but after every ride I stink of gas. I was wearing shorts the other day I pulled into my drive way and I actually felt the gas spray my leg. It only happens on my right leg. The bike has a modified intake system from the previous owner. I can't even remember what its called, "ultra charger" or something along those lines. I can not figure out where this gas is coming from but The motor seems to be slightly back firing as the rpm's drop. I think the gas may be coming out of this "ultra charger" as the motor rpm's drop and the slight back firing is occurring.

    If this is the case, what needs to fixed. A friend told me the valves probably need to adjusted, but from what I have read on here, the valves are hydraulic and self adjusting? So that should not be the case.

    If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is a hypercharger. Sorry couldnt remember the name. I'm a newbie bare with me.

    So it appears the carb is stock. It just says harley davidson, no part or model number. On either side of the carb are rubber caps with rubber lines coming from the cylinder heading back into the carb. I think these may be breathers of some sort taking excess air out of the cylinder back into the carb??? It appears the front line is ripped. Would this be cause? Either way it needs to be fixed, so do you know the proper name for the line so I can order one? There is considerable build up on both lines so this may be the issue.

    Thank you for responding!
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    Those should be the head breather hoses, they should not leak gas, they vent oil vapors back into the carb, you need to find out why there is tOO much gas leaking or burning, my guess would be a sticky float, or bad needle and seat Harley Davidson Community
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    I am not sure I have the time or the ability to rebuild the carb.

    Given what I described can we be fairly certain it is the carb?

    Is there any chance the carb is screwed up simply because this breather hose is broken?

    If I can be fairly certain its the jets in the carb I will just buy a new carb.

    Let me know what you think is best.

    Thanks again
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    The hose will be part of the crank case breather kit that comes with the hypercharger its purpose is to redirect crank case fumes through the carb to be burnt during combustion
    Each different supplier of air cleaner solution will have their own breather kit to work with their back plate
    it may be possible to find a replacement bit of hose that is suitable needs to be heat, oil, gas suitable
    I can not find any replacement parts from kuryakyin the manufacturer but a replacement breather kit is available

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    Buying a new carb will be very expensive if all the one you have needs is a good cleaning and a rebuild kit. My advice to you is to buy the HD service manual for your bike, it is indispensable. Consider tackling the carb rebuild/clean yourself. You can do it. Lastly, find a different breather. The Hyper Charger is going to be a problem sooner or later.
    Do a search in the self help section, you will find an enormous amount of info on carbs including exploded views. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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    As Bodeen and others have said, it is likely the carb needs a decent cleaning, and the hoses replaced, while having a good service manual is paramount. The good news is a carb uses "toilet bowl tank" technology...i.e. older than dirt. It is easy if you do it with care, a bit of spray Gumout for the metal parts and passages.

    Also would be a good idea to drain the fuel tank as well, rust and corrosion are a common problem if water finds it's way into the fueling system where dissimilar metals makes a small "battery" that turns into a slurry of varnish and debris in short order if fuel system or bike has been in the elements, parked without winterized storage service.
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    If this is a stock C V carb, if you look between the cylinders you should see a screw, this will empty the float bowl of gas, you could then twist the carb a bit on the rubber mounting spigot and remove the float bowl to give it a good cleaning and have a look inside, the c V carb is very good and parts are plentiful good luck, check the elbow where the gas line is attached if it is plastic they like to crack, they can be replaced with a metal one Harley Davidson Community
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    Thanks everyone for the information. I am going to take it apart this evening and see what happens.