2000 883 Hugger Tach

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    I purchased a 2000 883 Hugger as a project bike. PO had tried to make a bobber and IMO botched it pretty badly. I'm restoring the Sportster to near original condition. The aftermarket tank is gone and the original peanut tank is back. Whitewalls, saddlebags and a few other things gone. The cobalt paint is restored and looks great. I'm down to one last thing, placing the speedo back where it belongs. I found and bought a Harley aftermarket tach and bracket for the tach and speedo. My problem is I don't know where to hook the tach wires. Tach # is 67321-99, which the local dealer was able to look up in old an catalog and corresponds to 67182-D so the tach is correct for the bike. Unfortunately I have no instruction sheet for the installation. So if anyone has saved an instruction sheet, I'd be happy to pay for a copy or scan of an original. Harley lists it as obsolete and no longer available. The tach has 3 wires exiting it, black, orange and pink, but I don't have a good idea where they go. I know its a long shot but before I start making guesses and connections I thought I'd throw it out there and hope the long shot pays off. Thanks for any help. Photos will follow completion. This is a beautiful little Harley and deserves to be back on the road again in its original clothes.

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