200 hp Knucklehead - whats it worth?

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    So a buddy of mine just traded a car for a frame and a 200 horse Knucklehead. The story is that a guy was building this motor for the land speed record for a Knucklehead. The guy was killed, the motor came into the hands of another guy who didn't know what to do with it and wanted a car instead. So my buddy traded his car for this motor and frame. Now the question, should he build a chopper or a bagger with this motor and what's the value of the motor?
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    That is a good question, what would you do with that much power? It would also IMO depend on who built the engine and documentation
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    It depends on who wants it and what they want it for. It would be very cool to have it in a custom bike for a show or a showdown with that amount of power. I think it would be cool to have in a late model bagger!!!
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    Retro modern is the way I would go...............
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    Seems to me that with a purpose built motor you really need to have a lot of questions answered before you decide what type of bike to build. Motors that are built for the sole purpose of setting land speed records may not be a motor that is a dependable motor for the street. Do you know what the compression ratio is? If it happens to be a motor that can be ridden on the street you will need a pretty stout tranny and primary. The clutch will need to be spected for the motor as well. Do you even know if it will run on pump gas? I'm not sure how they have a HP rating for it. Do you know who did the dyno run?
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    Very good points Don brings, plus if it breaks who is going to fix it and where are the parts coming from?
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    I'm very doubtful that a naturally aspirated Knuck would push 100 hp, let alone 200. There's a lot of limiting factors, manifold flow, head flow, valve size, exhaust flow etc. Even modern 124" race built motors have trouble hitting that number. It's easy to say it has 200 hp. Proving it is the hard part. My thoughts are a Knucklehead engine should be loved and helped to continue to live for as many years as possible.
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    Well said !!!! My thoughts are a Knucklehead engine should be loved and helped to continue to live for as many years as possible.[/QUOTE]
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