2 into 1 Vs true duals

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Cuzz, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Cuzz

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    Tell me if i'm wrong. After considerable research it looks to me like a 2 into 1 exahust (along with stage 1 and a fueler) gives the best performance. Plus you keep a lot of heat from under the seat. Thoughts?
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    You are not to far off. Even on your 2008 the left side of exhaust does not do a whole lot any way. So if you do not mind the unbalanced look of the exhaust on a dresser I say go for it.....:s
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    dbmg has you covered and all I have read says that the two into one is the way to go for performance. I think it is a personel choice and how you want your bike to look and sound. I went with duel headers and exhaust because I like the balanced look and sound. The slight increase in performance was not an issue.
  4. kemo

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    I did a Fullsac true dual on my 2000 Electra glide last week and I am totally pleased. It sounds more balanced and the engine feels smoother. The back of the engine is clear of clutter now show it should be easier to service the starter or clean back there. The oil can be checked easily now without burning yourself. I don't have any issues with performance, by the seat of my pants dyno it feels as torqueie as before.
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    many options for exhausts specially on the baggers - i like the look of the 2 pipes exiting under the bags so went with monster ovals as they have a nice deep rumble and look awesome stuck out under the bags and they alone offer a nice increase, mated to the power X header from vance and hines you get some of the benefit of the 2-1 system but the exit is still 2 so the system is 2-1-2, but for out and out power and tq the 2-1 will be better
    i use 2-1 exhausts on all my bikes other than my big bore dyna as it ran better with 2-2 systems - i currently have the 2-1 outlaw pipe on my vrod and had the 2-1 on my fat boy - IMO baggers look better with 2 pipes
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    Thanks to all for the input. There is a lot to be said for the balanced look on baggers, no doubt. I'm leaning towards sacrificing that for a better breathing system and reducing that "medium well done" feeling in my leg.