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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by scts, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Wife was tired of me talking about getting the 2 bank battery tender for the bikes, so she stopped by and picked one up from the dealership yesterday... I pulled everything out, mounted it up under the work bench, and pluged up "bank one" to the Ultra while I put the wire harness on the Fatboy.

    First problem I ran into, cords wont reach to both bikes at the same time the way I normally have them configured - no problem, I'll let the Ultra charge overnight and plug the FB up in the morning while I take the Ultra out to get an extension...

    Real problem - when I plugged the FB up I used the second bank (to be sure both were working), and nothing - no lights on the charger at all. Plug the FB up to the first bank and the Amber light comes on steady saying it's charging. Move the bikes and plug the Ultra back up - bank one works, bank two no lights at all. Reconfiger the garage so I can get both bikes pluged up at the same time - bank one works on both bikes, bank two - no lights on either bike.

    Before I unmount and pack this thing back up, anyone have any experience with this thing and any thoughts on something else I might be doing wrong?

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    I would give Batttery Tender a call and see if they can give you some advice.

    They are the ones that make the thing, maybe they can help. :USA
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    No experience with that particular one but possible it switches between them and not charges both at the same time? Hook them both up and watch before going crazy.
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    If it's the one by Deltran, pretty much claims to have two "independent" changing units so they should both charge at once. Call them & check before returning, but sounds like you might have defective unit...??

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    That Dual Deltran "SHOULD" have to independent and isolated output regulators, otherwise one defective battery or unit being charged would be starved or overcharged, and honestly the logic/regulator/switching controller would double the cost of just packaging 2 chargers in one case...
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    Dual Twin charger has 2 isolated outputs.
    As you have tested it on two different bikes, it sounds to me the 2nd bank charger doesn't work properly. I'd say:take it back to the dealer and have it checked or replaced by a new one...

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    A bit delayed on posting the updates... been a bit nuts around here (wife went out on bed rest pretty much all of October with complications from the pregancy - but finally delivered a healthy baby girl last Tuesday!!!)...

    Anyway - back to this thread, typical me decied to crack the box open before packing it up to take it back (which would have been a 45 min drive out of the way) and one of solder connections for the the power leads to the circuit board was missed over in China... heater up the iron and made a quick connection, all is working very well).

    And yes, there are two independent charging circuits (bascially two identical boards inside the box) in the dual unit as others have said.
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    First & foremost congrats on the new baby girl. There goes all your extra chrome!!!

    2nd: Thanks for the update, as I've been watching this post before buying the same.
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    Congrats to you and the Mrs. on the baby girl scts!

    Time to start saving some money to buy her something like this in a few years:


    Good job repairing the charger yourself.

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    Congratulations on the new baby girl. Glad to hear everyone is doing fine.