1999 Road King gas consumption

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by sanec1, Jul 15, 2009.

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    My reserve light comes on at around 100 miles and takes $10 Canadian to fill it up (depending on when I hit a gas station (sometimes $13 if I am in the country and its longer before I find a gas station). Ive checked the level of gas when the reserve comes on and it looks like there is about 1/4 tank. What point does your resrve come on and how many miles can I go approx. after going on reserve? Ifound the return gas line to be leaking on a ride this evening. I'm thinking this could be why I am getting low miles?
  2. STEVE07

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    How many litres does it take when you are filling up? You have a 20 litre tank,if you know how many litres it took to go that 100 miles you can figure out your consumption
  3. shaker

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    My last fill-up on my 2002 RK calculated to a little over 42 mpg (18k per liter, or 5.6 liters per 100k). The last time I filled up I put in a little less that 4 gallons - no low fuel warning light which I thought strange, but then I rarely run it low. Probably should just to verify it's working.
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    I also have a 99 Road King Classic with fuel injection. It has a 5 speed transmission. The newer bikes have a 6 speed. At high speeds my rpm's are up there and it feels like shifting again would be nice. I am sure a 6 speed would improve gas mileage but even with my 5 speed I get 45+ mpg on the highway. My low fuel light also comes on early and I have never ran it dry to see how long I can go. I just fill up, I would rather not run out.