1997 FLSTC starter shaft

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by drgibby, May 21, 2011.

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    Brand new here and reviewed the pages for info - no joy. I have a 1997 FLSTC, pulled the starter for a rebuild, and found that the retaining ring #17 on the starter shaft (HD P/N 11248) is missing. On the drawing the ring is placed between the spring and the coupling.
    On my bike the coupling sits flush against the primary and does not appear that it can be recessed to accomodate a retaining ring. There is a retainer ring inside the coupling. Is that the one shown in the drawing?
    I am stumped.

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    Hi there & welcome to the Forum

    Yupp, that retaining ring is there to support the spring, keeping the pinion gear sprung. Leave it there...
    A good visual test when you've rebuilt your starter is to run it w/o the primary cover. Note: Spark plugs MUST be out - do not start the engine as the pinion gear is not supported outboard.