1996 ultra exhaust has slight magnetization

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 73stang, Aug 31, 2013.

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    I was working on my 1996 ultra this weekend and noticed that if anything metal came close to the exhaust it would slightly stick to it like it was a low powered magnet.

    I know i have some electrical issues to fix on the bike, I believe the stator and regulator are bad.

    The voltage is at 12.83 with bike off.

    With key on engine off 12.4.

    The voltage gauge at cold idle shows 11.5v but when checked at battery is 13.6v.

    Engine running @ 2500 rpm 14v, with high beam on 13.98, gauge shows about 12v.

    Everything there tests good and the test i found shows that the charging system should be good.

    But I went farther and tested the stator and regulator.
    I ohm tested the plugs off the stator (black wire from multimeter to ground on battery and red wire to pins on connector) this should read infinity on all pins but I get 2.4ohms. So this shows the stator is shorted to the case.

    When checking ohms between both stator pins it should be .2-.4 I show .3ohms.

    At 1000rpm checking voltage of stator I found it should be 19-26v, I have 25v.

    When checking the regulator I found you should check for voltage between both pins and any voltage between them shows to be bad. When i tested the regulator I had .03v.

    So my questions are given the stator and regulator show bad by the tests would this cause the slight magnetization, or is there something else i should be looking in to?
    I have noticed when I use the clutch lever there is a static noise that comes through the speakers.
    When the brakes are activated the lights dim, this also happens when the turn signals are used. When the road lights are activated the headlight dims even further.
    The volt gauge never gets above 12.5v. but always shows more voltage when cold than at operating temperature. When at operating temperature and at idle the gauge only shows 9v.

    Any help is appreciated thanks
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    Hopefully the electrical guru Hoople will be along to advise.......
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    Interesting, You definitely have a bad alternator and regulator, I know heat can cause magnetism, I am wondering if you have a feed back from a bad ground causing this magnetism, have you checked any other part of the engine for magnetism? Check all your grounds and make sure the engine is bolted down tight
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    I don't have the manual for the bike. So I haven't checked all the grounds but I have checked all the ones I could find. The engine is also bolted in tight.

    Sorry for got to add that it seems like the anything metal has the magnetization. Exhaust, air cleaner, push rod covers, engine crash bar, even the trailer hitch ball. This is while the engine is running or not, and it doesn't matter if it is hot or cold.
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    I would check every where on the bike. You got a magnet stuck somewhere.
    Are you someone is not playing a trick on you????
  6. 73stang

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    I looked everywhere I could think of and have not found anything. That would be a strange way to play a trick on someone.