1996 EFI to Carb Conversion

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    Hi all, I joined the forum because someone here had a "cheat sheet" on removing an EFI system from a 1996 bike and installing a carb. I am doing this to my Road King for a couple of reasons. First the previous owner converted the pipes to some Hookers which sound good but pop a lot on deceleration and occasionally shoot flame on the pops, which bothers me.

    I looked into getting a power commander to rectify this but found that they do not make them for 1st gen model EFI (1996) but start in 1997, so that means I'd have to find a 1997 ECM on top of getting the power commander...which to me hits the price and pain point to just not being worth it.

    Lastly, every bike I have ever owned, metric and otherwise have been carb...and even though the carb takes a little more maintenance I am familiar with them and should anything ever happen to it I know how to trouble shoot and fix it...so I kind of like the "comfort factor" that comes with a carb.

    The bike I have is a 1996 Road King. So my questions are...does anyone have a link to that "how to" guide and the parts list? Any help or even suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if my above "facts" are wrong, I'm all ears to alternatives.

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    Hi everyone,
    I just bought an Road King FLHRI 1996 and I would like to convert it form injection to carb.
    Any Information on this please.
    I live in U.K
    Best regards!
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