1995 FLSTN (Softail Heritage Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by coylizard, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. coylizard

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    Good morning y'all.

    I've come across a very clean '95 Softail Heritage Nostalgia for sale.
    It's reasonably priced and has low miles.
    It seems like a nice ride.

    What kind of reputation does this model have?
    Is road vibration significant?
    How does it handle?

    I'm currently riding an '88 FLHTC and love it. It rides as smooth as "a baby's... skin."
    I'm thinking that having two rides to choose from would be cool and am curious what the rap on the FLSTN is.

    Comments please?
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    80 cu inch Evo 5 speed, low seat height solid mount engine expect vibrations
  3. zoob2

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    I"ve got a 94 FLSTN and that things coming with me in my coffin when i go and Jack is right- expect vibrations,but i have managed to reduce vibes through the footboards somewhat by wearing Caterpillar brand boots-they seem to have something in the sole that reduces vibrations compared to any of my other footwear.My 94 came to new zealand 5 years ago and has now covered a total of 48,000 miles with no probs,just regular good oil and filter changes,you'll love it.
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  4. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Being able to have 2 H.D. and being able to keep the 88 running like new I see no reason not to add the Heritage to the stable.......
  5. Deluxe Steve

    Deluxe Steve Member

    i reaaly love my softail deluxe..will buy another if i ever wear this one out..
    it is as smooth of a scooter as if iver ridden on

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  6. coopernicus

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    That's a nice bike. I noticed you have the mustache bar, or at least looks like one. Do you also have fork lowers on there and if you do, hows your clearance?
  7. Deluxe Steve

    Deluxe Steve Member

    yes it has fork lowers..clearance isnt real bad..just slow down for speed bumps..no bottoming out on the road nowhere..
    Thanks for the compliment on my bike its really appreciated..
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  8. JimmyDee

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    Have a '93 Nostalgia (MooGlide) and never plan to part with it, just a cool bike. As others have mentioned you will experience engine vibration, but I feel that is a small price to pay. Resized2.JPG
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