1995 FLSTN Rear Wheel Spacer Question

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    Hey guys, I have a question and can't find an answer.

    Yesterday, I changed my rear tire on my '95 Heritage. When removing the axle, I was careful to do so slowly so I could remove any spacers etc and know where they came from. Well, somehow, a spacer fell off after everything was removed and I'm not sure where it came from.

    So... What I have is the following, and this is what is included between the frame, not on the outside where the axle bolts are.

    On the left side (as you'd sit on the bike), there is a large spacer (a little over an inch wide/long) with two paralell rings (rings are closer to the outside), another spacer that fits part-way into the hub.

    On the right side, there were also two spacers, including the mystery spacer mentioned above. Reading left to right (again, as you'd sit on the bike), there was a larger ('bout an inch) spacer, also with two rings (toward the outside) that fit into the hub. Now, assuming all is correct up till this point (and please correct me if I'm wrong), my question is this: Where does the last spacer, which is only about 1/8" - 1/4" go in relation to the brake assembly? Does it go inside between the ringed spacer and the brake assembly, or between the brake assembly and the frame? I assumed it came from between the brake and the frame as the outside (frame side) axle hole of the brake assembly seemed to have grease marks suggesting a spacer had been there (between it and the frame).

    I have all the alignment measurements, etc. Just couldn't figure out where that smaller spacer came from. I also suspect it goes between the brake and frame because it didn't "show up" until the brake fell against the tire as I was pulling it out from under the bike.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a manual, but it's about as useless as (EDIT)
    in this particular instance.

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    My 08 Softail Manual shows the little spacer between the frame and the caliper mount with the large spacer between the caliper mount and the hub.

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    I wonder if they're the same. Probably. I have it reassembled that way for now, but wanted to double-check. I have to replace my pulley as the ring on the spoke side (that keeps the belt from running off) popped off while I was putting on the new tire. Your '08 is likely the same in that regard.

    I have a Clymer manual and have found it helpful about 1/3 to 1/2 the time.

    Anyway, thanks so much for you input!