1993 Moo Glide leaks

Discussion in 'Oil' started by SledDog, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. SledDog

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    I'm posting this for a member that PM'ed me this question...


    Chris Walker wrote:

    I have 1993 moo glide been sitting for 5 years . I clean carb and unit runs good, but slight oil leak when parked. Will this clear up after riding? What can I do?


    A couple of questions Chris. Where is it leaking? And how much?

    Let's see give this new member a hand.

  2. fin_676

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    If it only leaks when standing still more that likely it is the primary or gearbox however best thing to do is to use a degreaser and clean the underside of the bike then check later for where the oil is leaking from
    Oil will almost always drip from the primary drain plug as it is the lowest point on the bike when on the stand but oil can travel from anywhere to the lowest point

    Oil seals and gaskets will not fix themselves by running the bike they need to be replaced as the question has been asked it would point towards a limited knowledge of dealing with this sort of problem and therefore may be best to get someone with more experience to help

  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Brian is right, leaks don't fix themselves. First off you have to figure out what fluid is leaking, fluids will take the path of least resistance and flow to the lowest point before it drips to the ground.

    As suggested do a thorough cleaning of the underside, start the scoot and let it warm up. While it's warming up grab a beer and a flashlight.

    Shut her down and inspect underneath for any seepage/leaks from areas that bolt together and have gaskets.
    Patients is key here but stick with it and you should see where it's coming from.

    I've never used this process but there are dyes you can buy and add to your oil or whatever fluid you think is leaking which helps in detecting what and where it is leaking.