1991 FXR Starter jackshaft sticking

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by Woodsy, May 6, 2016.

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    Hi, I just joined this site today and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a sticking starter Jackshaft. The starter/solenoid is stock, 1991 FXRS-Convertible, and I just replaced the stator, gaskets, and seals on the primary side for the 5th time in 15 years (the stator rubber plug in the case melts and shorts out the stator). If you have an older FXR, I'm sure it's happened to someone else besides me. Anyway, my problem now is that when I press the start button it clicks but the jackshaft is not extending to engage the flywheel. Sometimes if I push the start button and tap on the starter it will engage and turn the engine. I'm checking this with the primary cover off. I already pulled the starter apart, cleaned it up, and it bench tests fine. That's why I'm thinking the problem is either a sticking jackshaft or a weak solenoid. It appears the solenoid can't be replaced on this model, only rebuilt (I found rebuild kits on-line). The manual says it could be a dirty jackshaft coupler but I took all apart and cleaned very well. I'm wondering if the new seal could be slightly smaller diameter than the old one and is restricting the jackshaft coupler (it's Jim's Gaskets from J&P Cycle). I compared them and they looked the same and never had a problem last time I replaced it. I also wondered if the seal may not be seated properly even though I was sure it looked like it was. Before I tear everything apart again, I was hoping to get a second opinion from someone who may have had this problem. One more thing, The bike was sitting un-started for nearly 2 years due to work commitments, but started fine last time it was parked. I also had it running yesterday when I got the starter to engage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Now that I have time to ride again I'd really like to get on the road.

    Thanks, Woodsy.
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